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Adding Donors from Fundraise Up to a MailChimp List

Get every donor email into Mailchimp for newsletters, and other automated workflows.

Zapier, MailChimp, MailChimp Lists, Email Campaign, Opt-in

Connecting Fundraise Up to MailChimp is very simple. We partner with a third-party service called Zapier to make complex connections like this possible. An example of this is pushing new donor emails into a MailChimp campaign. Every instance of data flowing between Fundraise Up and MailChimp through Zapier is called a "Zap".

Before you continue, please connect your Fundraise Up and MailChimp accounts with Zapier first.

How to connect Fundraise Up with Zapier.

How to connect MailChimp with Zapier.

Step 1: Click on "Make a Zap" in Zapier.

image (4)-1

Step 2: Name your zap (e.g. My Supporters) in the left corner and choose Fundraise Up as a trigger app on the right.

image (5)

Step 3: Select "New Supporter" from the list of Fundraise Up triggers and click on "Save + Continue"

image (6)

Step 4: Select which Fundraise Up account (in case you have more than one) you want to connect to Zapier and continue.

image (7)

Step 5: Click on "Pull in Samples".

image (8)

Step 6: Select "Sample A" and click "Continue".

image (9)

Step 7: Click "+" button on a left and then "Filter".


Step 8: Select "Only continue if" and click "Save + Continue"


Step 9: Select "mailingListSubscribed" from dropdown menu paired with "(Boolean) is true" and click on "Test & Continue":


Step 10: You will see "Your Zap would have continued" which means you did a great job connecting your Fundraise Up account. Please click "Continue".


Step 11:  Now it's time to work on the MailChimp setting. Select MailChimp as an action app.


Step 12: Select "Add/Update Subscriber" and click "Save + Continue".


Step 13: Select your MailChimp account and click "Save + Continue".


Step 14: Select desired mailing list from dropdown menu pulled from your MailChimp account.


Step 15: Now let's work on "Subscribe Email" section. Click on "plus" icon on the right and select "New Supporter" from the dropdown.


Step 16: You should now see a list of available fields describing the supporter. Select "Email" from this new dropdown.


Step 17: Click on "plus" icon on the right again and select "Only continue if".


Step 18: Select "Can Continue true"


Step 19: If you see this, you set all the conditions correctly and can click "Continue" further down the page.


Step 20: Click "Send Test To MailChimp".


Step 21: Click "Finish" and go back to your MailChimp account to confirm you have a new supporter.


Step 22: Slide activation switch to "ON". Congratulations! You have now completed the MailChimp integration and your zap is active! Great Job!


Have any questions or run into any trouble? Send us an email, or click the bubble in the bottom right hand corner to chat with us!