Bank Transfer Limits using Stripe

For bank-to-bank donations (ACH, BACs, BECs, PADs) there are limits in place. Here's how to understand them.

Fundraise Up provides nonprofits with easy-to-implement bank-to-bank payment options. The "rails" on which these operate differ from country to country. This means anything from the process, local regulations, and even the technology that powers the bank-to-bank transaction can be different for each country. 

Since bank-to-bank transactions can be used incorrectly if not using software like Fundraise Up that handles compliances, Stripe has limits in place on the transaction values for bank-to-bank transactions.

Country Payment Method Per Transaction Per Week
United States ACH $6,000 USD $10,000 USD
Canada PADs $3,000 CAD $15,000 CAD
Australia BECS $10,000 AUD $10,000 AUD
United Kingdom BACS Contact Stripe £10,000 GBP

These limits can be increased. It's best to allow some transactions to run successfully and have some sort of running history with Stripe before requesting bank transfer limit increases. When requesting these increases be sure to articulate the limits that you'd like. It kind of works like a credit limit -- the better your history of successful transactions is (essentially your account credibility), the higher that limit can go.

⚠️ Holiday and Q4 Giving can easily cause these limits to exceed!
Especially because many donations made via bank transfer are higher in value. Be sure to contact Stripe with your limit increase request a few weeks prior to when you expect a higher number of donations.

To receive expedited service from Stripe, please make sure the Stripe account you're requesting the limit increase for is connected to Fundraise Up.