Setting your Disabled Campaign Behavior

You may need to disable a campaign (form) - but what happens to those links out in the wild pointing to it? It's up to you!

When you disable a campaign for any reason, you can choose what the behavior is for that campaign should someone visit that link again. There are three options - but first...

Global Campaign Settings

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Choose Campaigns
  3. Choose your option
  4. Save changes

The Campaign Options

There are three options: Do not launch the checkout, launch the checkout for a different campaign, or redirect the donor somewhere else.

Do not launch

This option will essentially create a "dead end" for those campaigns. If the campaign is disabled and a donor visits a link to that checkout, it will not open. 

Launch a different campaign

This option will allow you to choose a campaign that will show instead of any disabled campaigns. You know those links to that 1-day event that are out in the wild? Point them to your main donation form and you're all set.

Redirect elsewhere

Maybe instead of a specific checkout, you'd like to send them to your homepage or donate page. You can choose that URL below.