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Can I add video to my donation checkout?

We recommend adding video to your social media asks and content pages leading up to a checkout click. Our research partners have found that video in the checkout itself decreases conversion, so we do not offer that functionality.

Based on our partner research, the most current of which is available as a NextAfter resource, video transcriptions and images tend to perform substantially better than video itself in donation asks. Here's some key takeaways:

  • Having text copy instead of video in the ask provided 560.2% increase in conversion rate
  • The text copy-based ask page brought in a 128.6% increase in average gift size

In summary, we do not build video into Fundraise Up's donation checkout panels because it unilaterally decreases conversion and gift size, and because by the time they are ready to make a donation, they've likely already seen the video content you've made on your social media posts or your website itself!