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Can I use Fundraise Up to sell tickets for a Gala or other live fundraising event?

While our elements and checkout were designed specifically for getting you more converted and recurring donations, we do have some guidance to offer on the use of Fundraise Up for the purchase of event tickets.

Please note that if your account is listed as belonging to a charitable organization and is generating receipts, those receipts will list any donation as fully tax deductible. If tickets to your gala or similar event are not fully tax deductible, you may want to consider either turning off the receipt emails for your gala campaign, or simply using another platform for your event ticketing.

First, it's always a good idea to create a dedicated campaign for any fundraising event, so that you can control the settings of checkout and the emails sent for donors to that campaign. Given that people likely aren't buying recurring tickets to your event, you likely want to set the campaign to only accept one-time donations.
If your tickets will only be one price, you can accomplish this by creating a simple form element with a locked donation amount, and associate it to the event campaign.
If the tickets to your event will have a starting price, but you will accept a higher amount, set the minimum amount for one-time donations for that campaign to your minimum, and then create an element to direct people to your campaign's checkout without a locked donation amount.


If you plan on having tickets with level prices, i.e. level 1 tickets get you entrance, level 2 tickets get you tickets and a gift, and so on, you can accomplish this by using the Donation Levels element.


Zero dollar amounts are also not supported for our donation form. Please use an alternative system to track RSVPs for events that don't require any financial contribution. 

Please see our Using Elements to drive Campaigns help article for more detailed information on how to create and deploy elements.