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Can I use the HubSpot integration if I only have HubSpot Professional?

Yes! But there are some slight limitations.

Our first-party integration with HubSpot, upon connection, will attempt to create a custom object for recurring plans and a new Deal pipeline for Fundraise Up Donations.

If you are using HubSpot Starter or Pro, the integration will work just fine and all contacts and donations will sync with HubSpot, creating Deals and associating them to new or existing Contacts. However, we will not be able to create records to represent any Recurring Plans as this requires a Custom Object to be created. Currently, in HubSpot, the ability to make custom objects is only available within Enterprise plans.

If you are using HubSpot Enterprise, donations belonging to a recurring plan will have a Recurring Plan object associated with them, containing additional details about the recurring plan. 

As such, if you are using HubSpot Starter or Pro, we recommend making sure that you map "Recurring ID" to a custom field on the Deal object, so that you can make reporting to group Deals by the recurring plan in Fundraise Up they came from. This way, you can use that reporting as a replacement for the functionality Enterprise gets out of the box.

Note: Only one module/hub must be Enterprise for this functionality e.g. Sales (lowest cost), Marketing, etc.

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For additional information on the HubSpot Integration, please visit our help article on Connecting HubSpot to Fundraise Up.