Configuring Campaign Emails

Fundraise Up gives you the tools to manage the emails that happen when people interact with your Campaigns.

We know that your marketing efforts are complex, and we like to leave the pre-donation outreach to your team members and toolkits best suited to it!

What we know we can handle best are post-donation emails, and every Campaign has an Email tab. From the Emails tab, you can do the following:


Choose which emails are sent

By default, we send all emails on the Emails tab. If you have any other vendors or automation that sends emails, most likely from any CRMs or Marketing suites that pick up donations from us, you can toggle some of the emails on this tab off.

The following emails, grouped by the event that prompts them, can be toggled off and on as needed:

  • One Time Donation
    • Receipt
    • Refund
    • Failed
  • Recurring Donation
    • Receipt
    • Installment Receipt
    • Cancelled
    • Failed
  • Tribute
    • E-card

The only emails we don't allow to be toggled off are those which pertain to bank verification, including the following:

  • Bank verification
  • Bank verification instructions
  • Bank verification reminder

For bank verification emails, if you provide any separate critical communication through a different platform, you can add reference to that to the Fundraise Up automated emails by editing these templates. 


See essential email statistics

Making a donation is the start of engagement for your donors, not the end! To help you review the efficacy of any of your Campaign's automated emails and make future engagement decisions, we've made the figures in the Statistics column available.

There, you'll find the number of each type of email sent, opened, and clicked. 


Edit email templates

Let's say you want to increase your open and clickthrough rate, so that you can drive donors who've given to Campaign A to consider event programming related to it. Alternately, maybe you've found that your tribute recipients like to know why specifically the donor thought of them when making their gift.

All of our emails can be edited by clicking the Edit Template  link next to the email's name.

Simple text and rich text areas allow you to insert donation attributes by clicking the tag icon, which will give you a menu of merge variables. This Donation attributes selector lets you insert details from the associated Campaign, Donation, Supporter, Tribute, and Recurring areas as applicable. 

Color selectors are graphical and text, so you can either paste the hex code right in, or click the color swatch to choose one on the fly. 

We offer control over the following:

  • Sender
    • From Name
    • Subject
    • Reply To
  • Body Background
    • Color
  • Header
    • Logo
    • Position
    • Cover Image
  • Content
    • Title
    • Text
    • Text Color
  • Social Links
    • Show Social Links
  • Footer
    • Text
    • Background Color
    • Text Color