Connecting Bloomerang CRM to Fundraise Up

Make Fundraise Up talk to your CRM by enabling our Bloomerang integration, which sends data in near real-time and helps centralize your data in one place.

Choose Bloomerang on the Integrations page in Settings

In your Fundraise Up dashboard, click your org's name in the top right, click Settings, and in the left-hand menu of your Settings area, choose Integrations.

On the Integrations page, click Add integration and choose Bloomerang from the available options to be directed to the Bloomerang Integration page.

Connect your Bloomerang Account

Click the Connect Bloomerang button. 

Enter your Bloomerang username and password - we use this to connect the two systems.

Reviewing the Settings

The Integration is paused when first connected - once you're happy with your Integrations' setup, don't forget to scroll to the bottom and click the Enable Automatic Sync button so that new donations start syncing in real-time!

The only mandatory field to set is Default Fund, so definitely review what's selected in that field and click the Save Changes button in the General Settings section prior to clicking the Enable Automatic Sync button.

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.04.24 AM

We recommend reviewing the other settings available to ensure that records are getting created in Bloomerang exactly as you'd like. We cover this Settings area completely in our Customizing the Bloomerang Integration article.