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Connecting Bloomerang CRM to Fundraise Up

You can send data to Bloomerang in near real-time and centralize your data in one place. But first, connect!

To send data to Bloomerang, first you'll need to connect it to Fundraise Up. Here's how.

Go to the Bloomerang Integration

Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Bloomerang, or click here.

Connect your Bloomerang Account

Click the Connect Bloomerang button. 

Enter your Bloomerang username and password - we use this to connect the two systems.

Wrapping Up

After this, Fundraise Up will connect to your Bloomerang and pull in the various campaigns, funds, etc. that you have in Bloomerang. However, to do fully operational you must select a Default Fund. More about this in our Settings and Customization for Bloomerang article.