Connecting EveryAction to Fundraise Up

Get your EveryAction API key

An EveryAction administrator can generate an API key for the specific EveryAction committee for which you'd like Fundraise Up to write in records. 

If you are an EveryAction admin, you'll need to navigate to the API Integrations page in the left-hand menu, and either make and approve your own request for a key, or approve someone else's request.

Once you've approved an API key request, you'll see a link on that API Integrations page, allowing you to generate an API key. When doing so, make sure that you select the "FundraiseUp" API key type, to ensure that your key is generated with all the appropriate permissions. 

EveryAction offers the following guidance around API keys:

Once you have retrieved your key, please make sure not to share your key unmasked or in plain text via an email. It should be treated as a password to your data. If your key has been handled in an insecure manner, follow up with your administrator immediately to revoke it and get a key refresh.

Connect the Integration

Once you've obtained an Application Name and API key for your EveryAction account, go ahead and log in to your Fundraise Up account to set up the Integration.

In the Fundraise Up dashboard, click on your organization's name in the top bar, then click Settings.

From the left-hand menu of Settings, click Integrations to be taken to a list of the connected Integrations for your organization's account and a button allowing you to add integrations. 

To continue, click the Add Integration button, then click EveryAction from the list.

This will take you to a screen describing the requirements of the Integration, and what it can do when connected.

To establish the connection as described, click the Connect EveryAction button, then enter the Application Name and API key of your EveryAction user account, and click the Connect my EveryAction Account button.

Now that you've got the EveryAction Integration connected, please feel free to review our Customizing the EveryAction Integration article for further guidance and instructions on setting up the automatic syncing of donations.