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Connecting Kindful CRM to Fundraise Up

The first step is to connect your Kindful CRM account to Fundraise Up. Here's how.

To send data to Kindful automatically and seamlessly, you'll first need to connect your Kindful CRM account to Fundraise Up.

Go to the Kindful Integration

Navigate to Settings > Integrations > Kindful, or click here.


Connect your Kindful Account

Click the Connect Kindful button. This will then send you to Kindful, where you must log in (or be logged in) to a Kindful account.

Wrapping Up

After this, Kindful will ask for your permission to allow Fundraise Up to send data to Kindful. Approve this, and you are connected.

Technically, this is all you need to do to - all donations will now be send to Kindful! However, you can customize your integration to meet your needs better. Please see the other articles for the Kindful Integration.