Connecting Neon CRM to Fundraise Up

Get your Neon CRM Organization ID and API key

In order to use our Neon CRM Integration, you'll need to log into Neon CRM and follow their instructions on how to get your Organization ID and API key.

Your Organization ID is your organization's unique ID with Neon CRM - it allows us to identify which account to attempt to send data towards.

Your API key is your permission token to send data in as a particular Neon CRM user - it allows us to make records in your Neon CRM account on your behalf. 

Go to the Integrations page

In your Fundraise Up dashboard, click your name in the top right, and then choose the Settings option from the dropdown.

In the left-hand menu of the Settings area, choose the Integrations option, found towards the bottom of the list.

Add the Neon CRM Integration

Click the Add Integration button, and choose the Neon CRM option from the list, either by scrolling or searching in the list of available Integrations.

On the Neon CRM Integration page, click the Connect Neon CRM button.

In the Connect Neon CRM popup, enter your Organization ID and API key as found in your Neon CRM account, and then click the Connect My Neon CRM Account button.


The Integration is paused when first connected - once you're happy with your Integrations' setup, don't forget to scroll to the bottom and click the Enable Automatic Sync button so that new donations start syncing in real-time!

In practice, you likely want to spend some time customizing your Neon CRM Integration rather than clicking that button immediately, so that you can make sure the data we sync over to Neon CRM matches your organization's data structure.