Connecting Raiser's Edge NXT to Fundraise Up

Make Fundraise Up talk to your CRM by enabling our Raiser's Edge NXT integration, which sends data in near real-time and helps centralize your data in one place.

User Permissions: Please ensure that the Raiser's Edge NXT user you use to connect Fundraise Up has full read/write permissions including to create structures, entities, objects, and so on. Please use an Environment Administrator-level user to connect.

Before connecting the integration, we recommend reviewing the Known Limitations section of our Customizing the Raiser's Edge NXT Integration help article.

If any of the described limitations sound untenable, it may be better for your overall data integrity to make scheduled exports from the Exports tab of your Fundraise Up account and use those exports as the basis for automatic or manual imports into RE:NXT.

Connecting via your Raiser's Edge NXT account

1. Login to your Raiser's Edge NXT account,

2. Open the three-line/hamburger menu in the top left, then click the Admin option from that menu, 

3. Open the Settings menu in the top bar, then click the Environments option. On that screen, invite yourself as an Environment admin for your main Raiser's Edge NXT environment.

Please skip the above steps if you are already an Environment Admin.

4. Once you have Environment Admin privileges, open the three-line/hamburger menu in the top left, then click the Marketplace option from that menu, 

5. Select the Manage option from the top menu bar, 

6. Click on the Connect App button,

7. Enter  61788a5f-bb22-40c9-991a-16dc47e221b1 in the Application ID field and click the Continue button.

8. Click the Connect  button when you see confirmation screen.

9. Go to the Raiser's Edge NXT integration settings page in Fundraise Up and click the Connect  button.


10.  Assuming you are still logged to Blackbaud you should see an authorization screen. Click the Authorize button. 


11. Now that you have successfully connected your Fundraise Up account to your Raiser's Edge NXT account, please refer to the Configuring the Raiser's Edge NXT integration article for a guide setting up the integration's behavior how you'd like it.

12. Once you are happy with the setup, don't forget to click the Enable Automatic Sync button to start the Integration's automatic creation of records in your Raiser's Edge NXT account!