Connecting Virtuous CRM to Fundraise Up

Create a Virtuous CRM user with admin access

The Virtuous CRM user account that you use with the Fundraise Up Integration has to be able to create, read, update, and delete records within Virtuous CRM, so that we can make, maintain, and if needed clear Fundraise Up donation records from your account.

Virtuous recommends making a brand new user just for this integration, rather than using an existing user that's associated to a particular staff member. There are no additional charges or fees for new users in Virtuous CRM. 

Connecting the integration using a dedicated Virtuous CRM user helps ensure that changes made by the integration's syncs are easily trackable and, if staff responsibilities change, that the connected user does not have to be changed as well!

So, we recommend that you start by navigating in Virtuous CRM to More Tools -> All Settings -> Team Members, and once there, confirm that the user account you will use to connect the integration either:

  • has the Permission of "Admin" (meaning they have all accesses in the system),
  • or has a custom Permission that gives them full access to Contacts, Project, Gifts, and Recurring Gifts. 

Connect the Integration

Once you've confirmed that your user account in Virtuous CRM has the appropriate level of access, go ahead and log in to your Fundraise Up account to set up the Integration.

In the Fundraise Up dashboard, click on your organization's name in the top bar, then click Settings.

From the left-hand menu of Settings, click Integrations to be taken to a list of the connected Integrations for your organization's account and a button allowing you to add integrations. 

To continue, click the Add Integration button, then click Virtuous CRM from the list.

This will take you to a screen describing the requirements of the Integration, and what it can do when connected.

To establish the connection as described, click the Connect Virtuous CRM button, then enter the username and password of your Virtuous CRM user account, and click the Connect my Virtuous CRM Account button.

Now that you've got the Virtuous CRM Integration connected, please feel free to review our Customizing the Virtuous CRM Integration article for further guidance and instructions on setting up the automatic syncing of donations.