Reviewing the Cookies used by Fundraise Up

A list of cookie datapoints collected and stored by the Fundraise Up platform.

Cookies are created and saved by your Fundraise Up installation code in order to improve anti-fraud protections and to provide other key functionality. Donors can transact without cookies saved, but without them their experience will be negatively impacted, and certain anti-fraud features will not work. We recommend classifying Fundraise Up cookies as necessary to ensure that the highest level of security and functionality is provided to you and your donors.

Here are the cookies stored by Fundraise Up:


Cookie Name Expiration Required? Description
fundraiseup_cid 10 years Yes An overall unique and anonymous Fundraise Up identifier for that visitor/user, persistent across sessions, used for anti-fraud, element analytics, and components of AI suggestions. First party cookie.
fundraiseup_session Session Yes A temporary session ID used for domain-specific elements such as the reminder, message bar, lightbox, and social proof elements as well as some anti-fraud features. First party cookie.