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Does Fundraise Up integrate with SurveyMonkey?

Fundraise Up supporter information can either be sent to SurveyMonkey using the Zapier integration, imported using our exports, or synced downstream from your CRM.

Most of the time, it's best to serve information to your third-party services through your CRM, as your CRM should act as your source of truth about who people are and how they've engaged with your organization. In most flows, it's best just to have Fundraise Up feeding information to your CRM and acting upon it there.

If there is a need to get Fundraise Up information to SurveyMonkey directly, you can either:

  • connect both Fundraise Up and SurveyMonkey to Zapier (Connect Zapier to Fundraise Up) and make a Zap that triggers on each Fundraise Up donation, syncing that data to SurveyMonkey,
  • or, create scheduled exports in Fundraise Up for import into SurveyMonkey (Using the Exports tab).