Setting up your Donor Portal

Your donor portal is where donors will go to self-service. You can use it as an opportunity to reinforce your message and brand!

The donor portal is a one-stop destination where donors can go to:

  • Download all one-time and recurring receipts
  • View their giving history
  • Change recurring gift details such as: Payment Method, Amount, Date, and more

Soon they'll also be able to:

  • Make additional one-time gifts
  • Start peer-to-peer campaigns (late '20 / early '21)
  • Edit their email address

Even better, donors never need a username or password to log in, as we use secure magic link functionality that sends a unique link to the donors' inbox which they will click to access their portal. They will also have a link to the Donor Portal in their email receipts.

Portal URL

Your Donor Portal URL is one of the ways that your donors can log in to their donor portal. You can change what that URL is.

Click Change URL to change your default URL (which uses your account ID) to anything that is available. 

This will be seen in the donor web browser, and you can link to this from your website if you'd like to add a "Donor Login" link to your website.


The appear section allows you to control what messaging and graphics your donor will see when logging in. There are three components: Hero Image, Title, and Text.

Hero Image - This image will be the banner image at the top of the donor portal. This must be at least 650px by 200px.

Title - This is the first text your donor will see. We've provided you the tools to personalize this as well, so the donor feels more welcomed and acknowledged.

Text - This area lets you make announcements, reinforce your brand, or really anything you like to mention here.

Donor Portal Preview

You're wondering what all of your changes will look like, or what your donors are seeing? Perfect - click the View Donor Portal button to see an example of what this currently looks likes. Fake data and information is used to give you an idea of this.