Double the Donation 360 Match Pro Integration

Fundraise Up integrations with the Double the Donation 360 Match Pro platform to maximize the value of each donor. Typically this requires a subscription to Double the Donation, however due to our partnership you can benefit by having a free account where the only cost is 10% of the match.

This is extremely beneficial as the amount of paperwork necessary for a $10 donation or $1,000 donation is the same. 360 Match Pro automates this process for you in all cases.

Additionally, due to our integration, we not only can show you the status of the match in the Fundraise Up dashboard but we can ask all donors of all gift sizes for their employer after the donation completes.

How does it work?

  1. Enable Company Matching on your campaigns
  2. After a donation completes, the donor will be asked to enter the name of their employer so their donation can have an additional impact
  3. Fundraise Up will automatically send all donation details to 360 Match Pro
  4. 360 Match Pro will process this match according to the terms of the match guidelines, and request information as needed from the donor. As much of the process will be automated as possible for all parties (donor, company, and organization)
  5. You will be able to see the status of the match in your dashboard.
  6. You receive a check in the mail!

How to set up your account?

  1. Go to Setting > Integrations

  2. Click Activate for 360 Match Pro

  3. Connect or Request your account
    1. To request a new account, click the Create New Account button. Then, provide some basic details. Your account will be created immediately.
    Untitled (1)
    Untitled (2)
    2. To connect your pre-existing account, click Connect and enter your Public and Private API KeysUntitled (3)

Where does the donor enter their employer details?

After the donation concludes, the donor is asked their company. As they type, we will show them matching organizations.

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