Configuring the Double the Donation 360 Match Pro Integration

Get your corporate and employer matches processed automatically for every donation you receive.

Did you know? $2-$3 Billion is donated through matching gift programs annually.

Did you know? 65% of Fortune 500 companies offer matching gift programs.

Did you know? There are 20,000 companies in the Double the Donations database!


Why Double the Donation?

Fundraise Up integrates with the Double the Donation 360 Match Pro platform to maximize the value of each donor. Typically this requires a subscription to Double the Donation, however, due to our partnership you can benefit by having a no-obligation or fixed cost account where the only cost is 10% of the eligible matches.

This is extremely beneficial as the amount of paperwork necessary for a $10 donation or $1,000 donation is the same. 360 Match Pro automates this process for you in all cases.

Additionally, due to our integration, we not only can show you the status of the match in the Fundraise Up dashboard but we can ask all donors of all gift sizes for their employer after the donation completes.

Did you know? It's possible to upload the last 12 months of donations for corporate matching directly to the Double the Donation dashboard for processing by them.

Double the Donation does offer lower price tiers, like Premium, that lack API access. For those it's still possible to export your data from Fundraise Up and import to them directly.


How it works

  1. Enable Company Matching on your campaigns
  2. After a donation completes, the donor will be asked to enter the name of their employer so their donation can have an additional impact
  3. Fundraise Up will automatically send all donation details to 360 Match Pro
  4. 360 Match Pro will process this match according to the terms of the match guidelines, and request information as needed from the donor. As much of the process will be automated as possible for all parties (donor, company, and organization)
  5. You will be able to see the status of the match in your dashboard.
  6. You receive a check in the mail!

You will be invoiced for matches by Double the Donation, not Fundraise Up.

360MatchPro is offered through Fundraise Up at no fixed-cost or commitment to our nonprofits, and are charged only 10% of eligible matches. For unlimited fixed-cost plans, please contact Double the Donation directly once your account is set up.


Set up and connect your account

  1. Go to Setting > Integrations

  2. Click Activate for 360 Match Pro

  3. Connect or Request your account
    1. To request a new account, click the Create New Account button. Then, provide some basic details. Your account will be created immediately.
    Untitled (1)
    Untitled (2)
    2. To connect your pre-existing account, click Connect and enter your Public and Private API KeysUntitled (3)

Need your API keys? Please contact for assistance, as we are not allowed to access these due to security measures.

The Integration is paused when first connected - once you're happy with your Integrations' setup, don't forget to scroll to the bottom and click the Enable Automatic Sync button so that new donations start syncing in real-time!


Integration settings

There are usually only two settings for the integration:

Sync Test Data - With this setting, you can run transactions in Test Mode and have that data sent to Double the Donation. This useful primarily when setting up complex integrations or troubleshooting an issue.

Send Only Donations Where Donor Entered Employer Name - Fundraise Up will send all donations to Double the Donation 360MatchPro for processing. Note that Double the Donation will only reach out (automatically) to donors that did not enter an employer if you have enabled Automated Outreach > Unknown Company in your Double the Donation dashboard. Leaving this box can increase revenue, as long as you periodically vet the data when in Double the Donation.

For those using subaccounts, there'll be a checkbox when the parent account is connected to control whether subaccount data also syncs.


What the donor sees 

After the donation concludes, the donor is asked their company. As they type, we will show them matching organizations.

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What your admins see in the Fundraise Up dashboard

View the details of any donation in the Fundraise Up dashboard at the bottom of any donation record.

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Get support from Double the Donation

If you have any questions about our Double the Donation integration or how corporate matching appears in our forms, please feel free to contact our support. However, if you need help once corporate matches are made or with anything after that, Double the Donation offers multiple ways to contact their support team, including:


See our article on finding the matching status in your Fundraise Up dashboard.