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Enabling Google Analytics reporting

Enable e-commerce reporting in your GA account to track donor conversion and revenue reports

Fundraise Up can now be integrated with advanced Google Analytics reporting which allows you to see how people arrive to your site and become donors. You can track the effectiveness of your email or Facebook campaigns and A/B test different giving forms.

To begin receiving statistics, you'll need to setup Google Analytics Tracking on all your website pages and enable both the ecommerce feature and enhanced ecommerce reporting.

Step 1. Set Up Analytics Tracking.

First make sure Google Analytics is setup and added to all pages of your site. Please follow set up analytics instruction from Google if you don't already have it set up.

Step 2. Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Features.

By default, the Enhanced Ecommerce view is not enabled in Google Analytics. If you don’t see the “Enhanced Ecommerce” under the “Conversions” tab in GA you need to turn it on.


Let’s enable Ecommerce for each of your views in which you would like to see the report.

Sign in to Google AnalyticsGo to “Admin” menu:


3. Navigate to the view you want (first you need to choose the account and property from the dropdown options):


4. In the VIEW column, click “Ecommerce Settings”:


5. Set “Enable Ecommerce” to ON:


6. Set “Enable Enhanced Ecommerce Reporting” to ON:

2018-10-05_14-16-26 (1)

7. Click “Save”:


Congrats! You've just successfully enabled ecommerce features in your Google Analytics account. Now Fundraise Up can start sending data about your donors.