Enabling ACH in Fundraise Up

How to enable ACH and Instant ACH (Plaid) for US accounts

Donor experience in Checkout

When a donor enters an amount in USD to a checkout in a US Fundraise Up account, and either ACH or Instant ACH (Plaid) is enabled, they'll be provided a "Bank transfer" button on the payment method screen. 


If they click "Bank transfer" and both ACH and Instant ACH options are enabled, then they'll be taken to an interstitial screen called "Bank transfer" where they can either:

  • click the "Instant transfer" button to instantly authenticate their transfer with a Plaid login,
  • or click the "Use routing and account number" link to give their routing and account number and then verify access to the account later. 

If they choose "Instant transfer," then they'll be taken to the bank login modal. This is the quickest, best experience for ACH account validation, which is why it's the first option and blue.

If they choose ACH by clicking the "Use routing and account number" button, and they fully enter their other required donation information, they'll be emailed each of the Bank Verification email templates that include instructions and a button to verify their transaction, once the micro-deposits land in their account in the next 5 business days. 

The routing and account number method is only available for donations starting at $95 USD. This is due to the verification steps required for ACH if not validated via Plaid, which increases failure rate. So, if Instant ACH is turned off, and the donation is lower than $95 USD, the "Bank transfer" button will not appear on the payment method screen.

Enable ACH Direct Debit in Stripe

Your Stripe account has a settings area called Payment Methods, where you can activate your Stripe account's ability to take certain methods of payment.

To check if ACH is enabled in your Stripe account:

  1. Go to your Stripe dashboard
  2. Go to Settings on the top right
  3. Go to Payment Methods
  4. Scroll down to Bank debits, and click the Turn on button for the ACH Direct Debit option.

    1. If you get the alert that webhooks are recommended, click the "Turn On Anyway" button.
    2. If you get the prompt below, just select "Tokenized account and routing number," and then save.

Enable ACH and Instant ACH in Fundraise Up

Now that ACH Direct Debit has been enabled in your Stripe account, we can now complete the process and enable any related payment options in Fundraise Up.

In the Payment Options settings, you can do the following to enable either ACH or Instant ACH or both:

  • Log into Fundraise Up dashboard
  • Click your name in the top right, and choose Settings from the dropdown menu,
  • Click Payment Options in the left-hand menu
  • Click Enable for ACH and/or Instant ACH (Plaid)