Enabling Adaptive Cost Coverage

Increase conversion by allowing your AI to adapt to each donor and determine when to show the option to cover costs.

On each of your campaigns, you can choose how and whether donors are offered the opportunity to increase their donation amount to cover your organization's transaction costs.

You can now enable adaptive cost coverage, allowing your account's AI to decide whether each donor should see the transaction cost upsell, and if so, whether it should start pre-checked or un-checked. This new option is designed with the end goal of helping more donors complete more donations resulting in more total revenue for your organization.

In order to serve each donor the experience most likely to result in them making the best donation for them, we recommend going to each of your campaigns' checkout options and ensuring that Enable adaptive cost coverage is selected.


Enabling adaptive cost coverage for each campaign

Screen Shot 2022-09-28 at 1.53.21 PMWhen making a new campaign from scratch, the default behavior is that adaptive cost coverage will already be enabled. 

That just leaves existing campaigns and campaigns cloned from existing ones. To edit those:

  • Go to the Campaigns tab,
  • Click the row for the campaign you'd like to edit,
  • Click Transaction costs in the left-hand menu,
  • Select the radio button labeled Enable adaptive cost coverage,
  • Scroll down and click the Save changes button.

That's it! Once that's been done, each donor to that campaign will be served the appropriate transaction cost option most likely to result in their donation being completed. The AI will choose between not showing the upsell at all, showing upsell but not pre-checking the box, or by showing the upsell pre-checked with the option to uncheck it. 


Reviewing the results in the Insights tab

As of the release of the adaptive cost coverage option, the covered costs display in the Insights tab now offers a pop-up explainer of covered cost percentage weighed against the potential or realized benefits of enabling the new AI-powered option!

Once you have garnered some donations through your campaigns with adaptive cost coverage enabled, you'll see additional information in the display showing:

  • the net revenue increase as a result of donors being given a more personalized checkout experience, 
  • and a breakdown of how much room there is to improve conversion by enabling it for any remaining campaigns where a static option was left in place.

If you click the option to see which campaigns do not have adaptive cost coverage enabled, you'll be taken to the Campaigns tab, pre-filtered to just those campaigns with a different option selected.