Enabling and Managing Tributes

Allow your donors to dedicate their donations to someone special, empowering them to personalize their donation and send a custom e-card or printed card with the details.

Quick Guide

To enable donors to dedicate their donations to someone and send cards as needed:

  1. Click on your account name in the top right of the dashboard, and then click Settings in the dropdown menu 
    1. In the Email templates settings, review the content for the Tribute e-card and Tribute reminder templates.
    2. In the Tributes settings, review the available Tribute email image collections, and add any images you want to make available.
  2. Click the Campaigns tab in the top navigation, and then click into each Campaign for which you want to allow donors to make tributes.
    1. In the Checkout options for each Campaign, choose Tribute from the left-hand navigation, check the Enable Tribute box, ensure the sharing options you support are also checked, and then click the Save Changes button in the bottom left.

Full Guide


Campaign-level controls

On every one of your Campaigns, you can decide what tribute options are available. 

  • Enable Tribute: This checkbox controls whether the option to provide a tributee name appears in the Checkout, whether the Add A Dedication options shows in the Donor Portal, and whether the Tribute options show in Virtual Terminal.
  • Tribute checkout behavior: These radio buttons allow you to control whether the tributee name field is only shown to the donor once they check the tribute box in checkout, or if it's always shown. Donors will still be able to checkout without providing a tributee name if they just leave the field blank.
  • Tribute link text: These radio buttons allow you to pick the text that appears as the label for the tribute box in checkout, or, if tributee name is set to always show, as the label for that tributee name field.
  • Allow donors to show the amount in tribute notification: This checkbox controls whether donors can include the amount and currency of their donation in the tribute notification. If unchecked, all  will not show the amount or currency in the details.
  • Allow donors to send tributes by email: This checkbox controls whether donors can email an e-card to a recipient of their choice with the details of their donation to a recipient of their choice. The surrounding e-card copy and subject line can be edited by editing the Tribute E-Card email template.
  • Allow donors to send tributes by postal mail: This checkbox controls whether donors can fill in the details of a tribute notification you can send by postal mail to a recipient of their choice.
  • Allow donors to select an email card image: This checkbox controls whether donors who choose to email an e-card are offered image collections to choose from, or whether they are forced to use the image saved for the Tribute e-card email template.

    Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 8.25.45 AM

Account-level controls

If you click the name of your Fundraise Up account in the top navigation bar, and then click Settings, you'll be taken to manage the settings your user role allows you to manage. Organization Administrators will be able to see the full list of options on the left, which includes a settings page to manage account-level settings for Tributes.

As of right now, the account-level controls for Tributes are:

  • Postal message character limit: This allows you to adjust the character limit on postal mail card messages. The default is 250 characters, and can be adjusted as needed to anything between 80 and 250. This only truly needs to be changed if your mail provider composes your cards for you, and has some character limit on card messages that we should match. 
  • Postal tribute preview: This allows you to control what layout is used for the preview of the mailed tribute shown in Donor Portal when composing a tribute message. It can either look like a postcard or look like a letter going into an envelope. Both previews have an animation upon sending.
  • Image collections: This allows you to add, edit, hide, and remove image collections. Image collections are used to allow the donor to choose an image when sharing their tribute via email. Any collections added in the Tributes settings page can be made available on a per-campaign basis. 

    Screen Shot 2021-12-17 at 8.26.43 AM
    • The images present in the pre-created image collections were licensed by Fundraise Up from Adobe Stock, but you could use a range of image licensing services, free-license images, and internally sourced images to populate your collections.  For more information on the aspect ratio, size, and formats allowed for images in this area, see the Tribute email images section of the Creative & Image Guidelines article.

During the donation process

Public checkout

Like every other part of the Fundraise Up donation checkout, tributes are built around conversion. As such, we only take the general details of a tribute during donation: does this donation include a tribute, and if so, what's the name of the tributee.

The first decision we made was to remove the word "Tribute" from the public-facing experience entirely - donors dedicate their donation or give in honor or in memory. So, our calls to action tell them what they can do, rather than including the Nonprofit Industry Noun "Tribute": they can dedicate their donation to someone special, they can add a message, they can send a card, etcetera. 

Second, we ensure that the name the donor provided stays with them throughout checkout, in a yellow bar above the giving controls, and an on-hover message explaining what's possible after their donation has been made.

Public checkout with tribute added

Virtual Terminal

For Virtual Terminal, we provide controls to:

  • enter limited tribute info (just Tribute Type and Tributee Name),
  • and, if a sharing option is selected, to enter full card info (From name, Recipient info, Message).

Entering only limited info will result in the donor being sent the Tribute Reminder email template, prompting them to go in and personalize their message/send a card as they see fit.

After the donation processes

Donors who provide the name of their tributee during checkout will be guided to the Dedication Wizard for their donation through a variety of means. Additionally, donors who didn't provide tribute details during their donation will be able to add one later, as long as Tribute is enabled on the Campaign they gave through.

On the Thank You screen

Donors who provide the name of their tributee will be shown a special Thank You screen with a prominent Complete my dedication button that directs them right to the Dedication wizard.

Public checkout thank you screen with tribute added

In the Tribute Reminder email

If you have the Tribute Reminder email template set to send, the donor will also receive a message informing them that they can personalize and send a card. The Complete my dedication button will similarly take them to the Dedication wizard in Donor Portal.

Tribute reminder email template

Within Donor Portal

Last but not least, on their Donation or Recurring Plan record in Donor Portal, they'll also see an COMPLETE MY DEDICATION button that goes to the Dedication wizard. 

Donor Portal with Complete My Dedication button showing

As of our latest email and Donor Portal improvements, all of our Receipt emails include Manage my donation buttons that take them to a screen with the full details of their donation to make it even easier for donors to find their way here.

Donors who didn't add a tributee name during their donation will also be able to use the Add A Dedication button to start a tribute as long as the Campaign allows tributes.

In the Dedication wizard

When a donor clicks through any of the Complete my Dedication buttons, they'll land on a page with the following controls:

  • Dedication type: This can either be set to In Honor or In Memory.
  • In honor of/In memory of: Auto-filled with Tributee Name
  • What to send: This will offer Email and/or Postal mail, depending on what options you've enabled for the Campaign. The donor can only choose one.
  • Image:
    • If Email was chosen for "What to send", and the Campaign the donor gave towards has the option to choose an email image enabled, any available images will be available here for the donor's selection.
    • If multiple collections of images are available, there'll be a dropdown to allow them to first choose the collection, with the images from that collection appearing below.
    • Images will have automatically generated alt text based on the name of the image collection they are from, both in the dedication form in Donor Portal and resultant emails.
  • From: This allows the donor to provide a shortened or personalized From name for their card. It is not auto-filled by default, for that reason.
  • Your message: This is shown in the Tribute preview, and is limited to 250 characters.
  • Recipient first name: This can be used in the Tribute E-card email template merge fields. It is not always the same as the Tributee, so it is not auto-filled.
  • Recipient last name: This can be used in the Tribute E-Card email template merge fields. It is not always the same as the Tributee, so it is not auto-filled.
  • If Email was chosen, these fields will display:
    • Recipient email: The email address to which the Tribute E-card email template should be sent. This will be validated prior to saving the values on this screen.
  • If Postal mail was chosen, these fields will display:
    • Recipient address: The mailing address to which the Tribute should be sent. This will be validated prior to saving the values on this screen. At this time, your organization will then take on responsibility of sending the printed cards proper, but stay tuned for printed card mailing integrations!

Dedication wizard in Donor Portal

When the donor clicks to send their Postal Mail or Email, they'll see a little sending animation and be shown a confirmation message, offering them a button to easily go back to the main page for that donation.

After Email or Postal Mail has been sent

From that donation's page in Donor Portal, the donor will then be able to see that their Email or Postal mail was sent and can click the SEE EMAIL or SEE POSTAL MAIL buttons to review the contents of their message at anytime.

Donor Portal with See Sent E-Card button shown

Acting on Tribute data

We recommend keeping close tabs on incoming Tributes on your Donations and Recurring Plans, especially if you offer Postal mail as a Tribute Sharing option as presently your organization is responsible for sending those externally.

If you are using one of the first-party CRM Integrations, edits to Tribute data on Donations and Recurring Plans should be automatically synced over. However, you may want to be sure that your CRM has appropriate automation to notify you when Tribute data is added to records in general, not just when a given Donation is first synced.

If you are using the Exports tools, you likely will want to make an Export Template of the type "Shared Tributes", and to schedule it to be delivered to you daily or weekly. That way, you can get updated information into your destination systems, or just generally keep tabs on any records for which the gap between "Tribute Created Date" and "Tribute Shared Date" is larger than a day.


Time between donation and shared tribute

Our data from September 2021 has shown that an overwhelming number (95%+) of donors that share their tribute via email or postal mail do so within 1 hour of donating, mostly using the "Complete my dedication" button at the end of donation checkout.

In cases where donors click through the "Complete my dedication" button in the Tribute Reminder email, the average donor still completes their email or postal mail within 77 minutes of their original donation.