Enabling Stock in Fundraise Up

Enabling the donation of stock allows donors to walk through a friendly stock donation checkout, providing easy donation management and automatic receipting.

Connecting a brokerage account

As part of preparing to accept stock donations, we recommend making sure that you have a brokerage account that is compatible with Plaid. Please contact your Customer Success Manager if you are unsure if that is the case.

In addition, please be aware that at launch, stock donation support is only for accounts based in the United States. If you would like to register your interest in stock donations for another region, please contact your Customer Success Manager with your recommendations!

Lastly, it's worth being aware that the stock process at this time does not offer automatic deduction of our platform costs. As such, Fundraise Up's platform fees for processing stock donations will be invoiced from your organization at the end of any timespan where you received stock donations, rather than immediately.

Connecting your brokerage account

First, log into your Fundraise Up account, click on your organization's name in the top right, choose Settings in the menu, and click Payment Options in the left-hand menu.

From here, scroll down under payment processors and click on the row for Brokerage.

Connecting your brokerage account-1

Clicking to connect your brokerage account will either pop up a screen asking you to request info and approval of your usage of stock donations from a Fundraise Up representative, or pop up the actual brokerage connection screen.

Connecting your brokerage account

Once you have walked through the Plaid-powered connection process for your brokerage account, your account should be connected and the Stock payment option enabled on your account. You can verify this by going to the Payment Options settings page and confirming that both show up as connected/enabled.


Choosing which campaigns accept stock

Once you've connected your brokerage account and enabled stock as a payment option for your account, you'll want to choose which Fundraise Up campaigns offer stock donations as a checkout option. 

To do so, click the Campaigns option in the top bar, then click on any campaign you'd like to edit. In the edit options under checkout, click Payment Options, then check the box to accept stock donations into this campaign specifically, and click the Save Changes button at the bottom.

Choosing which campaigns accept stockOnce you've done so, donors opening up checkout for this campaign will have the option to donate stock instead of standard (or "fiat") currency.

Please be aware that, if stock is the default payment option for a campaign, "form"-style elements (Donation Form, Simple Form, Impact Slider) will not be available for that campaign, as the amount controls inherent to those elements are designed around donations of standard currency.

You can, however, use Donate Button elements to open campaigns that have stock as the default payment option!


Understanding the stock checkout process

Making their donation

Donors who arrive at a stock donation checkout will first enter the name of the brokerage which manages the stock they will be donating.

Making their donation1The next screen is dependent on whether their brokerage is compatible with Plaid:

  • if it isn't, they will simply be taken to a screen to manually enter the details of their donation,
  • if it is, they will be taken to a screen offering them two options: 
    • log in to their brokerage via Plaid,
    • or add their details manually.

Making their donation2

The donor will then be taken to enter the number of shares of any stocks they intend to donate. If they were able to log in to their brokerage account, they will be provided guidance to help them only donate amounts of stock actually present in that account's portfolio. 

Once their donation includes all desired stocks and shares, the donor will be shown all required and optional personal information fields, including custom questions if present on the campaign. They will be able to skip optional fields if desired.

To complete their donation, the donor will be asked to complete three additional required steps:

  • re-entering their full name as listed on their brokerage account to compose an e-signature,
  • confirming whether there is a co-owner on their brokerage, and providing their details if so,
  • and reviewing their donation's details for final approval.

Reviewing their donation later

Given that stock donations are at this time only a one-time donation method, donors will receive the "One time receipt" email template if enabled when their donation succeeds.

If PDF receipts are enabled the donor will, as would be appropriate with any in-kind donation method, receive a PDF receipt that lists out the number of shares of each stock they donated, as well as the date and time they donated. 

Reviewing their donation later

This way, each donor can responsibly report the value of their donation to the tax service in your operating country rather than having the reported amount proscribed due to an estimate on a receipt.

Donors accessing Donor Portal will be able to see both the number of shares of each stock they gave and the approximate estimated converted value of the amount they gave.

Donor Portal

Managing incoming stock donations

In the Fundraise Up dashboard

Within your Fundraise Up dashboard and Insights tab, stock donations will appear much like any other donation in any currency aside from your default one; in granular views, each donation will show the original  number of shares of each stock donated, but in summaries, the dashboard will show the approximate amount in your default currency that donation would have been if sold immediately upon arrival.

In the Fundraise Up dashboard 1

On donation record pages themselves, you can see more details about the payment method used, the specific number of shares of each stock provided, the name of the processor, and the ID of the payment transaction in the processor's system. 

In the Fundraise Up dashboard 2

In your brokerage account

As your donors start to make stock donations, their donated shares will accrue in your brokerage account.

Depending on the brokerage you use, there may or may not be a clear indication within the brokerage's web management tools that shares arrived in a transaction generated from Fundraise Up. As such, you may want to cross-reference Fundraise Up donation records, exports, or synced data to your CRM of choice to triage which donations came from Fundraise Up stock checkout.

In exports 

In export files, the donation amount will show the estimated amount in your account's default currency that this donation would have been if all shared were sold immediately when the donation succeeded.

This means that if you are exporting donations and that export will include stock donations, we strongly recommend making sure that your export template includes the "Payment method" row to help you triage which donations are actually donations of stock.

In CRM and marketing integrations

If a CRMs do not offer dynamic inputs for number of shares of each stock, we will err on the side of writing the converted donation amount into the amount field. 

You will still always have the offramp of mapping "payment method" to an appropriate field (if not done automatically to a standard field by the CRM integration) so that you can easily filter on and locate stock donations specifically.