EU Compatibility and Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up has some great out-of-the-box compatibility features for nonprofits based in Europe and particularly the European Union, and can be further optimized for country-specific needs.

Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

Fundraise Up incorporates Stripe's protections, ensuring that if a donor is paying with a card that requires 3D Secure/SCA authentication, that they are prompted appropriately for any additional info.

For more information, see our FAQ article on SCA and 3D Secure.


Donation transaction receipt emails are fully customizable in Fundraise Up. We also provide the option to include a PDF attachment receipt as a more official document. If PDF receipts are not commonly issued in your country, you may opt to completely disable them.

Note that if your organization is marked as a charitable organization specifically based in some European countries, your donation forms may be set to automatically require Mailing Address so that any tax receipts you generate, in our platform or externally, can include that address and thus be compliant to your specific country.

PII Redaction

Name, email, phone, and address fields are editable on Donation records individually. Moreover, Supporter records can be edited, and those edits propagated out to all Recurring Plans and P2P Fundraisers associated to that Supporter.

So, if a donor requests the redaction of their PII out of past and future Donation record PII fields, it can be done by manual edits to all past Donations and the Supporter record as a whole, replacing their originally provided values with either nothing (in the case of phone/address) or placeholder values (in the case of name/email). 

EU Server

Fundraise Up operates on cloud-based servers. This means that while the data does reside in a server in Europe, it also resides in other places. This is the core benefit of cloud computing and servers as it creates a more elastic, robust, and dependable infrastructure.