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Exporting data from Fundraise Up

Sometimes you just need to export your data from Fundraise Up. These can be obtained manually or on a custom basis - here's how!


What data is exportable

In Fundraise Up, your donation data is organized into:

  • Donations (all individual donations),
  • Recurring (all recurring plans that schedule donations),
  • and Supporters (all unique people who've made one-time or recurring donations).
All three are exportable! Each have many datapoints you can choose from.


Manually running data exports

The Donations, Recurring and Schedule tabs all have an Export button in the top right of the header bar; for Donations, there's an Export Donations button, and so on. 

The filters on each screen (campaigns, dates, statuses, and more) all apply to the Export when run, so make sure you've filtered the list of records appropriately prior to clicking the Export button. 

Once you click the Export button, you'll see a popup with the following, as shown below:

  • a list of all values available for export, with a Select All option at the top,
  • buttons to provide the export in either .xls or .csv format.
Export Donations

Clicking either the Download .XLS or Download .CSV buttons will start the download in your browser immediately!


Custom data exports

Enterprise only. Custom data exports are only available to our enterprise nonprofits that are generating $1M+ annually in online donations.

Large nonprofits have custom data needs, and we cater to those.
We'll build and deliver the data however you need it.

Building Custom Data Exports

You'll need to provide us with a sample set of CSV files that you'd like to receive. 

  • Example 1: One CSV file containing all ALL donations with 15 columns, and the donation time in UTC format.
  • Example 2: Three CSV files (1 for one-time, 1 for recurring, 1 for refunded) with only 8 columns and the donation time in EST format
  • Example 3: 7 CSV files (Credit Card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Click To Pay, ACH, Plaid) for all successful transactions by payment method, and another 7 for all failed transactions.

Or any set of files that meets your specific needs.


Delivery of Custom Data Exports

By default, this will always be delivered to your dashboard in an EXPORTS tab that will be visible after we build these files. They will be generated dynamically when you download it.

Additionally, we can deliver them to you at any schedule you prefer (e.g daily at 5am, weekly on Monday at 00:01, etc.), via email or SFTP.