Facebook Pixel and Conversions API Integration

If you are using the Facebook Pixel on your website, Fundraise Up can provide valuable data to help you with your marketing efforts and audience targeting.

Enable Pixel browser events

To enable Fundraise Up to send Facebook Pixel browser events, first log into your Fundraise Up account, click on your organization name in the top bar, click Settings, and then click Marketing Pixels. In the Marketing Pixels Settings page, check the Facebook Pixel checkbox and click the Save Changes button.

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Once checked, your Fundraise Up Installation Code will automatically fire standard Facebook events to the Facebook pixel in the visitor's browser, along with some helpful parameters that correspond to actions that happen within the visitor's Fundraise Up checkout session.

If you use a cookie consent tool, which is the norm for EU organizations, using our native integration isn't recommended. If a user opts out of trackers, those preferences aren't connected to FRU, so we will send events regardless. You may want to pursue a custom integration using this documentation, so please consult with your compliance teams.


Fundraise Up will fire the following standard Facebook events, including the syntax and additional parameters, when the native integration is enabled:

Fundraise Up Event Facebook Standard Event Description
Checkout Opened InitiateCheckout This event will fire for every visitor that views a donation checkout. Any visitors appearing in any of the other events will also appear here.
Donation Donate This event will push all users that have completed any type of donation transaction.
One-Time Donation Purchase This event fires for ONE-TIME donations only. It will include parameters such as the amount of the donation and the currency donated in.
Recurring Donation Subscribe This event fires for all RECURRING donations. In addition to the amount of the monthly gift and the currency, we will also provide the Lifetime Value (predicted_ltv) for that user, which is simply (donation amount x 12)

Additional parameters sent to Facebook Pixel:

  • content_ids, content_name, currency, value and predicted_ltv fields for Donate events
  • content_type for Purchase, Donate and Subscribe

Use Cases

Using the Facebook Pixel with Fundraise Up is an extremely powerful tool for marketing and advertising your mission. Here are a couple ways you can use the events to create custom audiences for better ad targeting.

Use Case 1 - Target those that started a donation, but didn't finish.

To do this, you would create a custom audience and include people who have fired the "InitiateCheckout" event in your targeting, but exclude all of the other events.

Use Case 2 - Target one-time donors to become recurring donors

To do this, you would create a custom audience and include people who have fired the "Purchase" event in your targeting, but exclude people who have fired the "Subscribe" event.

Use Case 3 - Announce a campaign or news to all donors of any kind.

To do this, you would create a custom audience and include people who have fired the "Donate" event in your targeting,


Enable Pixel server events via Facebook Conversions API

 In addition to sending checkout events to your Facebook Pixel(s) browser-side, Fundraise Up can send events directly to Facebook's servers to supplement the browser-side events. This helps you get a more accurate picture of Fundraise Up checkout activity, even in cases where a script-blocker is preventing the browser-side event from firing or when a user is on a iOS 14.5+ device and has tracking disabled.

Please note that if your Facebook Pixel is deployed via JavaScript, such as Google Tag Manager, we will only send server events in cases where your script itself isn't blocked.

Here are the instructions to send server-side checkout events to Facebook:
  1. Go to Settings, Marketing pixels, and scroll down to see the Facebook Conversions API section. 
  2. Click "Add Pixel"
  3. Next, you'll be asked to provide credentials that'll allow us to send checkout events to the Facebook Pixel(s) of your choosing.

    Screen Shot 2021-07-02 at 12.00.17 PM
  4. To locate your Pixel ID, log into your Facebook Business Manager account, and go to Events Manager. There you will find a list of all of your account's pixels. The Pixel ID will be underneath the pixel name.

  5. Next, you will need to generate an access token for that pixel. An access token can be generated for any given pixel by clicking on the pixel, going to that pixel's Settings, and clicking Generate Access Token.

  6. If you'd like to test the checkout server events in the Test Events feature in Events Manager, you'll need to check "add test token to events." The test token can be found in the Test Events panel in Event Manager.

  7. Lastly, Pixel is active must be checked for us to send server events for this pixel.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I tell if the integration is working?

There are a couple ways to test the integration. Firstly, you could install the Facebook Pixel Helper for Chrome extension, and then open any FRU checkout on your website. The extension will display the events as they are happening in real-time, so you'd expect to see the "InitiateCheckout" event fire immediately after opening a FRU checkout.

Additionally, you could use Facebook's Event Manager event testing function. This feature will also show events in real-time, so opening any FRU checkout will fire the standard event "InitiateCheckout."