Fall 2021 P2P Improvements

Fundraise Up's first year of offering P2P fundraising was both exciting and educational. Based on a few key findings, we've made a few key improvements to take us into its second year.

Ask for more information from your fundraisers

All of the improvements listed below are designed to help you get more information from supporters starting P2P Fundraisers, and are inspired by feature requests around fundraisers and fundraiser programs we saw succeed in Fundraise Up over the past year!

Display Name

Most fundraisers aren't successful because they're associated with a random person donors know, they're successful because there's some strong reason to give. As of this fall, now the very first info a supporter is asked for is Display Name, meaning the name of the fundraiser as it should be displayed to donors.

Now, supporters have the flexibility to name their fundraiser after an occasion or event, a club they belong to, or even just a friendlier version of their name that their community might know better.


Previously, our tools for asking additional Questions of your supporters were limited to donation checkout. However, in virtually every model of "the donor journey", that's completely backwards; a person organizing a fundraiser on your behalf is way more likely to have more information to give you than a person who just happens to have been inspired to give!

As such, now when you're making a P2P Button or P2P Link Element, you can add, create, edit, and remove additional Questions from the fundraiser setup experience. These Questions can be optional or required, and the answers that supporters give both are saved internally and are available in the Exports tab


You might notice a theme here! Previously, only donors could choose from the available Designations your organization provided when making a donation, as a way of saying how the money for their donation should be used. However, a supporter organizing a fundraiser is entirely more likely to have a vested interest in a particular program or fund in your organization.

The controls for Designation on P2P Button and P2P Link Elements now allow you to say whether the supporter organizing a P2P Fundraiser can choose the Designation for all donations going through their fundraiser. This allows you as an organization to offer the flexibility when it's useful and inspiring, and to limit it when it'd be a distraction.

Custom Fields

Questions are great for when you want to ask information of a supporter, but Custom Fields are best when you already know how to segment and save information for a supporter's fundraiser and all donations made through it. 

As such, we've brought Custom Fields to the P2P experience. When setting up a P2P Button or P2P Link Element, you can now set default values for any Custom Fields on the Campaign selected. If entered, anyone who sets up a fundraiser through your P2P Button or P2P Link will have that data auto-saved on their fundraiser, and that data will be carried through automatically to any donations their fundraiser brings in.

Make setting up a fundraiser an intentional act

You may have noticed that all this energy has been put behind the experience a supporter has when starting a fundraiser through one of your P2P Button or P2P Link Elements or through the admin dashboard fundraiser setup tools.

A major part of this has been based on lessons learned from offering the option to include P2P Fundraiser setup as an option at the end of donation checkout, on the Thank You Screen.

Specifically, we found that the fundraisers started through that Thank You Screen process had substantially lower engagement and return, and that their setup came at the cost of displaying other Thank You Screen options to donors such as the social media sharing buttons, which have historically been tremendously successful.

As such, all new features are coming only to the Element-based fundraiser setup and the admin dashboard fundraiser setup, and the Thank You Screen-based fundraiser setup will be sunset in October 2021.

All Campaigns with that Thank You Screen option selected will be automatically changed back to the higher-performing option to display the original Thank You Screen with optional social media sharing buttons.