Understanding how Fundraise Up handles ACH/Bank Fraud

Multiple fraudulent transactions in your dashboard can be concerning. The good news is we have systems in place to stop most of them from happening.

The methods used by devious parties attempting fraud on our systems will be blocked and cancelled by a combination of our platform, and the financial institutions's security systems. 

If any fraudulent transactions do go through to your dashboard, the bank's security system will detect these transactions as invalid, and will cancel them within 3-5 business days. 

Making classic ACH available through the checkout does increase the likelihood of attempted fraud, since anyone can navigate to your checkout and initiate an ACH attempt by entering an account/routing number. For this reason, many of our clients will only have Plaid available on the public checkout, and will only allow classic ACH donations to be taken via Virtual Terminal.

The good news is that we are constantly looking for patterns and tricks that nefarious users try on our system, and as a result, we have continually strengthened our anti-fraud system to block 99% of all fraudulent ACH transactions, regardless of source.