Reviewing Fundraise Up script installation options

There’s more than one way to install Fundraise Up on your site. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages.


Fundraise Up synchronously loads in the header, first position (Highest revenue-generating option)


PRO: This is the fastest and most reliable option to load Fundraise Up for 100% of your website visitors. We load prior to videos or large pictures and avoiding any issues with rase conditions caused by other scripts.

CON: Because of the nature of synchronous ( blocking ) loading it may cause a blank page for a user if their browser doesn’t support JS, our CDN fails to deliver script fast or any other issue with JS execution.


Fundraise Up asynchronously loads in the header, first position (Recommended for most cases )


PRO: Your website page is loaded first while Fundraise Up’s script is loaded in parallel in the background.  Because Fundraise Up loaded prior to other scripts it likely to win race condition with other scripts if any occurs and chances of significant time delay are low. 


Google Tag Manager
(Highly not recommended)

PRO: Easier management of on-site scripts for the website.

CON: Google Tag Manager is not designed for mission-critical scripts. It was built for various marketing tracking and analytics scripts ( tags )  where dropping part of the data is acceptable. In fact, most marketing & analytic systems today only receive ~80-85% of the actual traffic.

It may look like the easiest way to manage your script but it comes with significant disadvantages:

  • Many visitors use ad blockers which often block GTM. This includes popular Ad Block, Brave Browser, Firefox's "tracking protection", company firewalls, etc

"In 2019, roughly 25.8 percent of internet users were blocking advertising on their connected devices."

  • After GTM loads, it starts to fire their Tags. The way GTM loads its tags is by adding all of them to the page in a specified order.  Assuming everything in GTM is configured properly, the browser detects all new scripts ( sometimes over 20!) and attempt to load all or most of them in parallel. This can cause a significant delay in loading and processing or even full drop-off of the script. In addition, the race condition with other scripts becomes an issue.
"Google Tag Manager seems to cost you a varying amount depending on what make-up of browsers and devices use your site. On, the difference is around 1.7%; however, we have an unusually desktop-heavy and tech-savvy audience (not much Internet Explorer!). Depending on vertical, this could easily swell to the 5% range.

  • GTM adds an additional delay in loading which can affect visitors. The longer a donor needs to wait for the checkout to appear, the more chances they will abandon the process. Part of the reason Fundraise Up’s checkout is so effective is because of our ability to instantly load the checkout—every second counts!