Getting Started Checklist for New Organizations

Congratulations on moving to Fundraise Up! Please follow the our Onboarding Process below to best benefit from using our platform. 

Getting ready to accept donations

  1. Add your organization details.
  2. Activate your payment options.
  3. Create your first Campaign.
    1. Review your Campaign’s Checkout options.
    2. Customize the Campaign’s Emails.
  4. Invite your team.
  5. Brand your Donor Portal.
  6. Connect Fundraise Up with your website.
  7. Use the Elements menu to put multiple checkout launchers across your site.
  8. Make a test transaction.

Congratulations - at this point, your organization can now accept donations through Fundraise Up via any of the Elements you added to your website, or any direct checkout links you send to your donors!

Using your donation data

  1. If you have a separate development CRM, your Fundraise Up account can help you get data into it consistently and accurately.
    1. We support many development CRMs out of the box, so you can look for your CRM by name on the Integrations page of your Fundraise Up Settings. All of the CRM Integrations can be set up so that donations and donor data are synced to your CRM automatically.
    2. If you don't find your particular CRM platform, we may offer integration via Zapier, a service that connects web platforms that don't have first-party integrations.
    3. If you would prefer not to use an Integration, you can use the Exports tab to create and deliver scheduled export files that you can then import into your CRM or any other destination.
    4. If you have any questions about making sure your data is delivered where you need it, feel free to reach out to our support team for assistance!
  2. If you use Google Analytics to power your donation reporting, follow our Google Analytics guide to make sure your account gets our transaction data.