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How can I create a single Payout report that has both Stripe and Fundraise Up data?

If you need to create a report that has Stripe payout information alongside Fundraise Up information, follow these instructions.

  • First, log in to your Stripe account.
  • Click Reports in the top navigation
  • Click Financial Reports in the left hand menu.
  • Click Payout Reconciliation in the page navigation,
  • Use the date controls to choose the date range desired
  • Scroll down to "Payout reconciliation" and click Download:

  • In the Download Report screen, choose Itemized under Report format
  • Under columns, choose all
  • If you click the show button next to Columns, you will see a list of all columns possible in the export with checkboxes. To ensure that Fundraise Up information is in the export, look for under "Payment Metadata". Make sure the fields you need are checked on.
  • Click Download to download a .csv file
If you find that you need additional Fundraise Up information in this spreadsheet, what you can do is export a Fundraise Up export of donations including the column "Payment ID". Then, match the "Payment ID" in the Fundraise Up sheet to the "Charge ID" in the Stripe sheet!