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How can I see what emails a donor has received?

Each supporter has a section on their record called Emails which shows all emails sent to that supporter.

Fundraise Up gives your organization the ability to see what emails have been sent to a given donor or fundraiser.

By logging into your Fundraise Up dashboard and heading to Supporters on your navigation bar you can see a list of all your supporters. Selecting a supporter will bring you to their record.

By scrolling down on any supporter record page, you will see the Emails section. On each row, you will see the time and date that a given email was sent, what the subject of that email was, if the email was opened, and lastly, an option to resend the email. Clicking to resend an email will open controls to allow you to resend it to a different address.

To see the contents of any of these emails, click on its row, and a popup will open with the full contents of the email body.

If you are looking to see the emails sent for a specific donation, please navigate to the "Donations" tab on the navigation bar and search for that individual donation.

Select the donation and scroll to the Emails section of the donation record. Here you will have the ability to view which emails were sent that pertain to that specific donation. 

For more information on Customizing Emails please visit our help article on Customizing Emails.