Text to Give and SMS Text Messaging for Donations

While Fundraise Up doesn't send text messages, we work well with platforms that do.

We're often asked if we offer give-by-text, SMS sending services, or other things related to giving via mobile text services.

We don't offer this. However, this can easily be done by using Fundraise Up and a texting service - we like Tatango for their 99% open rates, seamless integrations with most CRMs, and enterprise features.

Do you do text-to-give? How can I do text-to-give?

Giving via SMS/Text Messaging used to be something like this:

  • Watch TV
  • See something like "Text HELPNOW to 515151 to make a $10 donation"
  • This would then get added to your phone bill.

That's not how it works any more - instead, it works like this:

  • Watch TV
  • See something like "Text HELPNOW to 515151 to donate"
  • Receive a text message with a link to tap and complete your donation

Why did the world move in this direction?

  1. You are allowing the donor to give more if they like
  2. Collecting funds from all of the various mobile carriers is a mess

What does success depend on these days?

How mobile-friendly and streamlined your online giving process is.  The better it is, the more donors will complete. This is why offering Apple Pay, Google Pay, and other mobile payment options are critical.

What does a text-to-give campaign look like with Fundraise Up?

  1. Choose your texting platform of choice
  2. Set up your texting campaign i.e. outbound (you text a list of phone numbers you have) or inbound (people text a shortcode to a number to get information and donate)
  3. Your text message would simply include a link to Fundraise Up donation for e.g. nonprofit.org/?form=donatenow so "Thanks for helping! Please click here to make your gift: https://nonprofit.org/?form=donatenow

Contact support to work through any campaign ideas!

Tatango offers special nonprofit programs by visiting here