How does Fundraise Up do P2P fundraising?

Leverage Fundraise Up's P2P feature to engage your supporters as fundraisers and grow grassroots support for your organization.

What is Fundraise Up’s P2P feature?

P2P fundraising is a great way to engage your existing donors and even access entirely new segments of donors by empowering people who support your organization to fundraise on your behalf. Using Fundraise Up’s P2P feature, supporters can launch and run Fundraisers that are shareable with friends, family, and other contacts.

Why should I use Fundraise Up’s P2P feature?

Fundraise Up’s P2P feature is a great way to expand your organization’s reach by activating your supporters as fundraisers within their communities. P2P is perfect for giving day campaigns like Giving Tuesday, live and virtual events, honorary fundraisers, giving challenges, and any campaign designed to grow grassroots support. And because the Fundraise Up P2P feature leverages our AI and machine learning technology, you can see more website visitors convert to donors than with any other platform. 

How is Fundraise’s Up’s P2P feature different from other platforms on the market?

Our P2P feature is a powerful and lightweight approach to P2P fundraising that takes advantage of the same conversion-driving technology that powers our online donation experience. Unlike other platforms, the Fundraise Up P2P feature is easy to use and takes just a few moments to launch meaning any organization can engage their website visitors as fundraisers in just minutes.

How much does Fundraise Up’s P2P feature cost?

Our P2P feature is free for all customers and is accessible  from your account dashboard. And unlike other P2P platforms, there are no additional transaction costs for P2P transactions.

How is the P2P experience different from the existing Fundraise Up online donation experience?

Unique to our P2P approach, every P2P Fundraiser leverages the same AI-driven Checkout that’s recognizable from the existing Fundraise Up donation experience. The only difference between a donation and P2P Fundraiser Checkout is a customizable Ask panel that lets supporters share why they’re fundraising for your organization and displays an engaging Goal Meter to show the Fundraiser’s progress.

Do I need to install anything new to use Fundraise Up’s P2P feature?

Our P2P feature is instantly available on any website where you’ve installed the Fundraise Up installation code. To engage your website visitors as fundraisers, simply place the conversion-optimized P2P Fundraiser button Element anywhere on your site.

How do I create a P2P Fundraiser in Fundraise Up?

P2P Fundraisers can be launched by any visitor to your website using the P2P Button Element. You can also create a P2P Fundraiser on behalf of your donors from the new P2P tab in your account dashboard.

Can I see my supporters’ P2P Fundraisers in my Fundraise Up account dashboard?

You view and manage all of your supporters’ Fundraisers from the new P2P tab in your account dashboard.

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