Enabling Plaid (Instant ACH) in Fundraise Up

Plaid's Instant ACH allows donors to connect directly to their bank account online and approve immediate bank-to-bank transfers without making any micro-transactions. These will appear in Stripe, facilitated by the Fundraise Up Plaid integration.

How to enable Plaid in Fundraise Up

Our Payment Options screen provides a step-by-step explanation for the enabling of Plaid (Instant ACH), which you can get to by doing the following:

  • Go to the Fundraise Up dashboard,
  • Click your name in the top right, and choose Settings from the dropdown menu,
  • Click Payment Options in the left hand menu
  • Click Enable for Plaid (Instant ACH)
  • Click the Enable Plaid button to start accepting Instant ACH using your Fundraise Up forms!