Using Custom Fields for internal data points

Custom Fields allow you to track complex internal data points: appeal, market source, fund, etc.

Define Custom Fields for a Campaign

You can define which Custom Fields you would like to use in your Campaign's Settings tab. You can also set a default value for each. 


There are 2 options for overriding the Campaign's default value for its Custom Fields; by using URL parameters in links that can directly open the Checkout, or by editing the Elements your site visitors use to open Checkout and start P2P Fundraisers.

Option A: Use URL parameters

You can now construct HTML links or direct URLs with values for required fields and use this link in your email campaign, referrals or just across your website.

Example where visitor lands on your website as-is:

You can also use Custom Fields in your direct checkout URL.

Example where visitor lands on your website with donation checkout already open:

When a user comes in through either URL, Fundraise Up stores all the link parameters for 30 minutes (session standard as recommended by Google) and passes those parameters to checkout as long as that user completes the donation within 30 minutes from clicking the link.

Option B: Use the Element creator

When making or editing an Element through the Elements tab, the first step is always to decide what Campaign it should point towards.

Based on that, the Custom Fields tab for that Element will offer you any Custom Field options available for that Campaign, so that you can provide what value should be set for each when people use that Element in particular!

See Custom Fields on each Donation's details page

Every Donation made towards a Campaign that has Custom Fields will have a section that shows the values set for each Custom Field.



See Custom Fields on each P2P Fundraiser's details page

Every P2P Fundraiser started towards a Campaign that has Custom Fields will have a section that shows the values set for each Custom Field. P2P Button and P2P Link Elements have controls to allow you to set default Custom Field value for all fundraisers started through a particular Element.

When a fundraiser receives donations, those donations will automatically save the same values on Custom Fields as are saved on the fundraiser they gave towards.


Map Custom Fields with your CRM Integration

If your organization uses a CRM and uses an Integration to automatically sync data into it, you may want to map Custom Field data on Donations to specific fields on the object your CRM uses to represent Donations.

You can do so by going to the Integrations page of your Settings, clicking into the Integration you use to send data to your CRM, and clicking the Mapping Rules tab. From there, you can make Mapping Rules to pass any Custom Field values into the appropriate fields in your CRM.