Using Custom Fields for internal data points

Custom Fields allow you to track complex internal data points: appeal, market source, fund, etc.

1. Define Custom Fields

Define Custom Fields you would like to use in your campaign setting


2. Construct URL

Construct HTML link or URL with values for required fields and use this link in your email campaign, referrals or just across your website.


You can also use Custom Fields in your direct checkout URL.


When user clicks on this URL, Fundraise Up store all the link parameters for 30 minutes              ( session standard as recommended by Google ) and pass those parameters to checkout given that user started donation within 30 minutes from clicking the link.

3. See Custom Fields in your donation details page

Now you can see values you used in your URL on your donation details page!


4. Map Custom Fields to your CRM

Go to the Integrations page of your Settings and make sure your Mapping Rules pass any Custom Field values into the appropriate fields in your CRM.

5. Export Custom Fields ( coming soon)

Custom fields will be available in your export as any other donation details soon