Joining the Partner Network

Learn about our partner program, its benefits, and eligibility requirements.


What is the Partner Network?

The Fundraise Up Partner Network is our core group of vetted agencies, consultants, and technology platforms that faithfully serve the nonprofit industry.

Fundraise Up Partners act as an extension of the Fundraise Up brand. They introduce our product line to potential customers and provide front line support and implementation services for clients that are Fundraise Up customers.

There are three channels within the Partner Network: Agency Partners, Technology Partners, and Referral Partners.

Agency Partners

Agency Partners include leading industry agencies and consultants that work with clients within the nonprofit or social impact spaces. As trusted representatives of the Fundraise Up brand and product line, Agency Partners are included as service providers on our partner page and are regularly promoted in marketing and educational initiatives. Agency Partners qualify for a revenue share agreement and exclusive client-facing benefits. 

Technology Partners

Technology Partners are software vendors that have developed a native API-based integration with the Fundraise Up platform. These vendors include CRMs, company matching platforms, and other technologies that help nonprofits to fundraise online.  A Technology Partner is awarded a revenue share agreement and receives additional customer-facing benefits.

Referral Partners

Referral Partners are agencies, consultants, nonprofit leaders, and software vendors that are evangelists of the Fundraise Up product.  These partners have fallen in love with our platform and are willing to provide introductions to any organization they know to ensure that they receive the best donation platform possible.  Referral Partners receive a revenue share agreement.


Am I eligible to be a Partner?

Fundraise Up seeks to partner decisively with leading innovators within the nonprofit and social impact spaces that align with our company philosophy of providing a high-touch, human-centered experience. Partner Network eligibility is accordingly limited and is based on multiple factoring and a Partner Discovery Call facilitated by our Partnerships team.


How do I join the Partner Network?

To learn more about the Fundraise Up Partner Network, please book a Discovery Call with our Director of Agency Partnerships, Larry Cardarelli, and our Director of Technology Partnerships, Wil Pope by emailing and respectively.