Learning about the latest feature updates

Fundraise Up lives on a rolling release cycle - once we're confident you'll like an update, we get it out to you!

The following are those recent updates we'd like to highlight. If you don't see an expected update on here, please reach out to our support team and we're happy to answer any questions.


  • Clicking a Campaign in the Campaigns tab now opens to Checkout, as Dashboard is removed.
    • We found that people looking to view performance info on a Campaign were more likely to just go to Insights and filter the view there, so we made doing that a simpler choice.
  • Campaign and Designation can now be edited from Donation & Recurring Plan records! Though, as with this same data in your CRM, that should only be done with donor consent, and with full awareness of its limitations:
    • What this will do: Allow you to update + use historical sync to pass that to your CRM
    • What this won't do: Re-issue the receipt from Fundraise Up
  • PayPal donations should now come through to PayPal with a more informative descriptor for both donors and admins, including your org's account name and the Designation of the donation, if applicable.
  • More payment methods, like Click To Pay, make the Credit Card Type and other card information available in the dashboard, the exports, and via CRM Integrations.
  • ACH donations that fail while running the actual donation (meaning after their bank account's been verified) will now show more useful error messages to the donor in Donor Portal.
  • Our Salesforce Integration now supports mapping Checkout Questions of the type "Single Checkbox" into Checkbox Fields in Salesforce.
  • Newly issued PDF receipts now include a full date and time of when the donation was made, in the local time of your organization. Previously, they just had the date.
  • Both Exports now include the Designation Code, so that you can better use that field for holding info about, in your other system, what the ID of each Designation is.
  • The donation checkout now more intelligently offers payment options for in-app browsers like Facebook and Instagram's, so that we only offer options that work well in those experiences.
  • Donation and Recurring Plan records now have a Source section that shows whether it came in via Website, Virtual Terminal, or a P2P Fundraiser, and based on that, also shows:
    • For Website, which web page they launched checkout from, which Element they used if any, and which Reminder Element saved them from abandoning their gift.
    • For Virtual Terminal, it shows which user processed it.
    • For P2P Fundraiser, it shows which fundraiser it was.
  • Quality-of-life fixes to dashboard tabs with rows of data:
    • The three-dot menu now appears over other content, even for the last item on the list.
    • The Elements tab was rebalanced so its columns will all fit horizontally without scrolling.
    • The Elements tab's Name column can now be clicked to sort; first click sorts it descending (Z to A), next click sorts it ascending (A to Z)
  • Our Dashboard filters have been boosted!
    • There's now a Source dropdown, to assist in filtering to just Website or just Virtual Terminal transactions.
    • The Supporter search-box in the filters now accepts full names, and does so regardless of the ordering of the names.
    • The styling and layout of the filters has been neatened up, to help bring priority to the more important items on the page + make them behave more predictably.
  • In Virtual Terminal
    • Hovering over a Campaign when choosing from the Name dropdown will show you the full name of the Campaign, in case the name is too long to fit in the dropdown.
    • The Name dropdown, which shows all active Campaigns by name, now also has quick-search functionality - just start typing to find the exact Campaign you need!


  • Integrations' automatic sync can now be paused! Integrations will now start in the Paused state when first connected, so that it won't immediately start syncing records before you have a chance to set defaults. 
  • Partner notification emails have been improved, both in terms of data provided and in the design/layout of content.
  • Redirect to URL is now an in-dashboard feature. When editing a Campaign's Checkout, you'll now see an option for Thank You Screen, where you can control whether donors see the in-checkout Thank You Screen, or whether they're redirected upon completion.
  • Donation and Recurring plan pages now allow editing of Supporter information directly, in a way that carries over in any Integration syncs! As such, the Supporter page is now not editable - it is merely a reflection of their contact info as found on their latest donation.
  • Donation and Recurring plan pages now show credit card expiration date, if applicable. 
  • Elements have received a major overhaul! There are new Elements, the interface for managing them is much better, and every single one has new customization options. We're making many post-launch and quality-of-life updates, including:
    • A Designation selector! You can now, without futzing with the code, choose whether an Element launches the Campaign using the Designation set in its checkout setting or another of the Designations available for that Campaign. 
    • Donation Form Elements now fit neatly on the tiniest of mobile screens, with an update to their minimum width. 
    • Elements can be cloned or archived right from the Elements page, by using the three-dot menu on the right-hand side of their row.
  • The recently enhanced global search has now been enhanced again, with the ability to search by Stripe and Paypal transaction IDs.
  • Two-factor authentication is now available for all users! When two-factor authentication is enabled, you’ll need to enter a unique code sent to your phone number to log in. 
  • We now include US Territories and US Military options in Mailing Addresses, so that more people's valid addresses can be appropriately validated during checkout.
  • Donations made via Virtual Terminal now show which of your users processed the gift.
  • We now notify you if your Click-To-Pay Checkout ID (as provided by Stripe) is invalid before enabling the feature, to assist in knowing when to contact Stripe support to get it resolved. 
  • Archived campaigns are now clearly marked in your dashboard's filters, where they'll show up in a grey font with a little archive box icon next to their name.  
  • All of our CRM Integrations now include Checkout Questions
  • Our Raiser's Edge: NXT Integration has been cleaned up, with better handling of Recurring Gifts and Recurring Gift Payments, Special Rules, and more.

  • Exports, Salesforce, and Raiser's Edge: NXT now allow the mapping of credit card expiration, last 4, and type. 

August 2020

  • The search bar now provides more comprehensive search results with more capable filter options 🔍 
  • Virtual Terminal is now available for your phone and in-person donation taking needs!
  • Integrations now show General Settings, Mapping Rules, and Special Rules in a tabbed section, so that it's easier to focus on just the settings pane you need.
  • Salesforce integration enhancements:
    • Our first-party Salesforce integration now sends type-specific information for mapped fields.
    • You can now specify whether Salesforce should create associated Accounts while making new Contacts based on Fundraise Up donations from people not already in your database. 
  • Analytics now fire for activities taken in Test Mode, and are flagged accordingly.