Providing Location-specific Elements

A guide on how to use Geo Targetly to provide specific Elements per location, so that you can send donors in different areas to give to different location-based Campaigns

For advanced users only, requires website development. Geo Targetly is a 3rd party tool and is not supported by Fundraise Up.

While Fundraise Up automatically geolocates the donor in order to display their local currency, there are sometimes instances where global organizations may want to provide different experiences based on the donor's location. For example, you may want Canadian donors to see a different campaign than USA donors. With Geo Targetly, this is possible!

Geo Targetly geolocates users on your website based on their IP address and then shows them different content based on the location rules you've defined. There are a couple of different ways to configure Geo Targetly but below is the most common way we've seen.

Using Geo Targetly's "Smart Tags" to add Elements

  1. Head to and setup an account
  2. Once logged in, select Geo Content and "Add to Site" 
  3. Select "Use on all pages of a website" and insert your website.
  4. For the integration method, choose "Enter content directly in your website using our Smart HTML Tag wrappers" then hit "Next"
  5. Next, we need to define our location rules. For this example, we're going to make it so Canadians see different compared to the rest of the world so in our first segment, we're going to add the location rule Country = Canada.
  6. Once the rule is added, make sure "All Other Locations" is enabled and then click "next."
  7. Next, Geo Targetly will generate a snippet of Javascript that will need to be added to your website's footer. This is required in order for the Geo Content block to work.
  8. Then, go copy/paste your Smart HTML tags for each location segment and insert them on your website. Notice that within the tags, there's an area that says "-- Enter content here --," this is where you would insert what you want this location segment to see. It could be an image, hyperlink, button, etc. In this example, you'd want to make sure that Canadians see something like links them to the Canadian campaign and the all others to another campaign.