Managing P2P Fundraisers for your Campaigns

Peer-to-peer Fundraisers, started by your supporters via Elements, allow them to solicit their community directly. Give them the tools to make asks that are appropriate to the people they know best, powered by your org's established Campaigns.


Make P2P Elements

P2P Button

P2P Buttons are embeddable Elements that you can add to your website to allow supporters to start their own P2P Fundraisers.

Like with most embeddable Elements, you can create them from the Elements tab and add them to your website by copying the provided HTML code into any place on your website's editor that accepts raw HTML. 

Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 10.51.04 AM

P2P Link

P2P Links are Elements that give you a web address you can provide (either via email or by adding them as regular links to your website) that, when visited, sends any visitor to start a fundraiser on your website. These can be useful for inclusion in emails + social media outreach, and in scenarios where you want an existing website image or button to link to a "Start Your Fundraiser" form.

  • If opened from outside your website, the P2P Link will:
    • redirect the visitor to the URL you provided when setting up the P2P Link Element,
    • and then automatically open the "Start Your Fundraiser" form when they arrive.
  • If opened from any page on your website, the P2P Link will just open the "Start Your Fundraiser" popup right where they are!

Additional options for P2P Buttons & Links

The additional options provided when making a P2P Button or P2P Link Element are as follows:

  • Empowering text: This message appears at the top of the P2P Button's popup, where your supporters can make P2P Fundraisers. You could add some explanatory text for the P2P process, or just an encouraging message!
  • Default goal: This currency field allows you to suggest a goal amount when people use this P2P Button to start a P2P Fundraiser - they'll have the option of keeping it or changing it.

    Screen Shot 2020-10-29 at 5.28.59 AM

Top Fundraisers

Once people start making and gathering donations through P2P Fundraisers, you may also want to add a Top Fundraisers element to your site to show off their progress and bring in more donations. 

Top Fundraisers is an element you can use to embed a clickable list of the top-performing P2P Fundraisers, so that visitors to your website can see who's making progress and donate to those P2P Fundraisers directly.

It also includes the option to have a search box! If enabled on the element, visitors can search for their friends by first and/or last name, even if they didn't make the cut to be on the leaderboard originally.


Enable the P2P Thank You Screen

Elements are great for people who are already engaged with your organization - they'll catch people who subscribe to your mailings, or who browse your website looking for how to participate. 

To better catch the one-off donor, you can enable a Thank You Screen at the end of checkout that encourages them to start their own P2P Fundraiser!

Screen Shot 2020-11-30 at 4.31.23 PM

For any Campaign you'd like to do this for, go to that Campaign's Checkout settings, scroll down and click Thank You Screen, and select "Suggest to create P2P Fundraiser" from the available options.

The Default goal amount is their donation amount times four, but you can set it to a specific suggested amount if you'd prefer to standardize that goal. Editing your Empowering text will allow you to control the text that appears above the Start Your Fundraiser button.

If a donor gave to a P2P Fundraiser, and they click to start a fundraiser of their own from this Thank You screen, their donation will still count towards the original fundraiser! 


Review P2P-relevant Campaign settings

For any Campaigns you've made available via P2P Button Elements, you may want to review the following settings, as they control what is shown and sent to your supporters running fundraisers and the donors they bring in.

Ask Page

First, make sure that the Ask Page is turned on for any Campaigns you're using by:

  • going to the Campaign's Checkout tab and picking the Ask option from the left-hand menu,
  • then making sure Enable Ask Page is checked.
The Ask Page needs to be enabled because that controls the banner, logo, and title of the part of Checkout where each P2P Fundraiser's message, goal, and photo appear to donors.


By default, supporters organizing P2P Fundraisers get 3 types of email, which can be toggled on/off or edited. All three include buttons that, if clicked, take the supporter to manage their P2P Fundraiser via their Donor Portal.

The following are now available in each Campaign's Emails tab under the names: 

  • P2P Fundraiser started: Confirmation that their P2P Fundraiser is created.
  • Donation via P2P Fundraiser received: Notification of every donation to their P2P Fundraiser.
    • Special note: This will also include the donor's Comment, if they had the option to leave one (as permitted in that Campaign's Supporter tab) and they did so!
  • P2P Fundraiser goal reached: Congratulations to them for their fundraiser's success.

Campaign's P2P tab

Lastly, each Campaign now has a P2P tab, where you'll find options to set:

  • Display Name: Shown to the supporter running a P2P Fundraiser in their Donor Portal. You only need to set this if the name of your Campaign should not be public, and you need to give it a friendlier name for when you talk about it with supporters.
  • Donor Destination URL: P2P Fundraisers are driven by providing potential donors a link that sends them to a page on your website and opens donation checkout. This URL should be where on your website you want this Campaign's checkout to open for all P2P Fundraiser donations.
  • Default End Date: The P2P Fundraiser's suggested End date will be pre-filled as per your selection, based on the current day of the person starting the fundraiser. So, if you choose 1 month out, and someone clicks the P2P Button 3 days from now to start a fundraiser, it'll suggest an End date of 30 days out from then.
  • Default Personal Message: The P2P Fundraiser's suggested "Your message" will appear pre-filled based on your text in this field for anyone starting a fundraiser. 
  • Goal Reached Image: The image in Donor Portal when a supporter's P2P Fundraiser has achieved its goal.
  • Goal Reached Title: The header text in Donor Portal when a supporter's P2P Fundraiser has achieved its goal.
  • Goal Reached Test: The description text in Donor Portal when a supporter's P2P Fundraiser has achieved its goal.


Manage P2P Fundraisers from your Dashboard

Keep tabs on your P2P fundraisers' progress from the P2P tab of the Dashboard! There, there'll be one row for each P2P Fundraiser that has been created, a series of filters to help navigate the list, and a New P2P Fundraiser button in the top right.

Screen Shot 2020-10-22 at 12.03.51 PM

Each P2P Fundraiser will display its most important details in its row alongside vital summary information like money raised to date and visit/conversion statistics. 

To see more about a specific P2P Fundraiser, click on its row in that list to go to its record page, where you can review its information in full, including lists of all donations it brought in, recurring plans it brought in, and emails sent to its organizing supporter.

Make a P2P Fundraiser on a supporter's behalf

The P2P Fundraisers page of the Dashboard provides a New P2P Fundraiser button in the top-right part of the header, which allows you to set up a P2P Fundraiser on behalf of one of your supporters.

When making a new P2P Fundraiser, you'll be asked to set the Campaign it should go towards, the promotional details of the P2P Fundraiser such as goal and personal message, and the contact information for the supporter who'll be the main point of contact for it. 

Edit a P2P Fundraiser

When you're viewing a specific P2P Fundraiser, you as an administrator can do the following:

  • Edit the Goal, End Date, Personal Message, and Offline Amount + Offline Donations by clicking the Edit button in the Settings section on the page.
    • Offline Amount will be reflected in every goal meter for that fundraiser, and will show in the supporter's Donor Portal, but will not be reflected in your in-dashboard totals.
  • Edit the Supporter's First Name and Last Name by clicking the Edit button in the Supporter section.

Pause a P2P Fundraiser

All P2P Fundraisers will have a start date (when it was made) and an end date (which is editable), but if you need to temporarily pause a P2P Fundraiser for any reason in that time-span, you can do so by clicking on that P2P Fundraiser's row as found in the P2P tab of the Dashboard, and clicking the Pause P2P Fundraiser button in the top right. 

Pausing a P2P Fundraiser will redirect any visitors via the direct link to the regular Campaign checkout experience. The checkout will not display that P2P Fundraiser's message or goal, and donations will not count towards its total.

For any paused P2P Fundraisers, you can click the Enable P2P Fundraiser button in the top right of their page to re-enable them. 

The rule of thumb here should be:

  • If the P2P Fundraiser just needs to run for longer, edit its End Date.
  • If the P2P Fundraiser needs to temporarily be unavailable, pause it.


Receive email notifications for P2P Fundraisers

Each administrator of your Fundraise Up account can choose which email notifications they want to receive by clicking their name in the top right of the dashboard, choosing Settings from the dropdown, and choosing the Profile page of the Settings area from the left-hand menu.

From there, they can scroll down to the Email Notifications section and check the boxes for any notifications they would like to receive. For P2P Fundraiser, we offer the following automated notifications:

  • New P2P fundraiser
  • Updated P2P fundraiser
  • Goal reached (for P2P fundraiser)

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