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Need to troubleshoot common donation issues?

If a donor has issues completing an online donation, use the following guide to troubleshoot the most common issues and as a checklist for escalating to Fundraise Up Support.

The basics

For our platform to ensure gifts processed are protected from identity theft, phishing attacks, viruses, trojans, spyware, adware, and other sorts of malicious intents, please verify that:
  • The donor has a fast and reliable internet connection
    • If the donor also has a mobile device with a cell internet connection, they can try making a donation from there for comparison.
  •  And that the donor has an up-to-date browser
    • Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari are the most commonly supported desktop and mobile browsers. 

Once you've verified the above

If your donors report issues completing donations, and you have confirmed the basics listed above, here are some additional questions to answer while gathering information for any support requests:

  • Is the donor able to give after clearing their browser cache, or enabling private browsing?
  • Is the donor able to complete the donation using a different browser?
  • If the donation fails due to an unverified email address:
    • Confirm that their email address is valid by using this tool.
    • If the donor is willing to try using a different email address, does that go through?
    If your donor is unwilling to use another email address or the donor's frustration is so high that the donation is at risk, you can always process the donation via Virtual Terminal and omit an email address if no other email address is available.
    If the donor is still having issues, you can email us at support@fundraiseup.com. Please include a screenshot and details of the donor's browser.