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Reviewing our Payment Processor Recommendations

An overview of payment processors and our suggestions for best results and best processing rates.

To maximize donations, we recommend connecting both of the following payment processors:


Connecting your Stripe account will allow you to offer the following payment options to your donor base:

  • Credit Card (required)
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay
  • eCheck
  • ACH / Bank Login
  • Others as they become available

Why does Fundraise Up like Stripe so much? Stripe is a modern payment processor that offers low rates for nonprofits, excellent support, and zero contracts or lock-in -- much like Fundraise Up!

Additionally, only Stripe allows us to offer Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Instant ACH with zero work on your end, as well as allowing us to perform advanced anti-fraud detection.

We will be adding more processing options in the future, each with their own pros/cons. They will however all be modern payment processors vs. legacy processor architectures.


Connecting your PayPal account will allow you to offer PayPal as a payment method. This can account for up to 20% of your donations, when offered. This is a preferred option for some donor base groups, and particularly when users do not have a credit card nearby (but know their PayPal password)

Processing Rates and Fees

Neither Stripe nor PayPal charges monthly fees or have lock-in contracts.

For most credit cards (including Apple Pay and Google Pay via Stripe), nonprofit rates are currently 2.2% + 30¢ per transaction for Stripe and 1.99% + 49¢ per transaction for PayPal.

American Express is typically a higher rate, around 3.5%

ACH/eCheck/Bank Transfer is .8%, with a maximum of $5

Standard rates, not on a non-profit / 501c3 verified tier, will vary and are available on the respective website pricing pages.


Opening an Account and Requesting Non-Profit Rates

Please visit this link for Stripe, and feel free to CC support@fundraiseup.com to help facilitate non-profit rate adjustments.

Please visit this link for PayPal.

Processing more than $100k/month on average over 12 months? We can help you negotiate an even lower rate with Stripe! Fill out the form here to start that process.