Customizing your PDF Receipt

Fundraise Up sends beautiful, clear, PDF receipts to your donors. You can customize some of how these look.

Fundraise Up will send the receipt, in PDF format, attached to all transaction emails. For example all one-time and recurring donations (and their installments) will have the receipt attached.

Understanding the Receipt

Your Organization Details

Here we will display your organization legal name, phone number, email address and mailing address as indicated in your Organization Settings section of the dashboard.


You can upload a single logo that will be used for all receipts from your account.

Donor Details

The receipt will always show the donors name and email address. If provided, we will also show their mailing address and telephone number.

On Behalf Of

If the donor chooses to enter details for On Behalf Of, this will appear here i.e. their company name.

Donation Amount

This will show the total amount the donor paid. If there is a Benefit Amount, that will be shows as well, and deducted from the donation amount.

Donation Date and Date Issued

This will show the date of the donation, using the timezone of the organization. Some regions require both Date and Issued explicitly, hence the duplication.

Receipt Number

This is a unique ID for this specific donation. You can use this ID to search for this transaction in Fundraise Up as well.

Authorized Signature

This is where you can upload a signature image and name. This is required in some regions.


Here is where you can add any other additional information, policies, disclaimers, etc.

Note: The receipt may vary slightly in other countries to meet local requirements.


Customizing the Receipt

You can customize your receipt your dashboard by going here.

Header / Logo

Upload an image here that will appear on the receipt as your organizations logo. This can be different than the logo used in the rest of your Fundraise Up account.

Authorized Signature

Upload an image file here (white background or transparent) of the desired signature. Enter the name below this as you would like it to appear on the receipt.


Edit the footer text as you would like it to appear. We've gotten you started with the basics that are fine for most organizations. Feel free to customize this however you like or see fit for your needs.


Don't forget to save your changes!