Migrating recurring donations to Fundraise Up

Typically you'll want your online giving in one place. Our Migration Service allows you to do just that!

PayPal recurring gifts (subscriptions) cannot be migrated. This is due to the unique way PayPal is built and the legacy methods used by PayPal (it's one of, if not, the first platform for such types on online payments). 

Our Migration Service is available at no cost.
Due to the effort required for both Fundraise Up and the nonprofit, we can do this only when:

  • the minimum monthly volume required is $20,000/month in recurring donations
  • After your account has processed a minimum of $20,000 in total donation volume.

If you do not meet these requirements, have an immediate urgency or have a small number of monthly donors (e.g. 0-50) it would be more time-efficient for you to reach out to these donors directly as a relationship touch-point and have them reinstate their gift on Fundraise Up for an improved donor experience as you'll be providing them with a self-managing donor portal.

It’s possible to move your recurring gifts from your current provider to the Fundraise Up platform and benefit from our retention technology and features while centralizing accounting and reporting, and reducing costs.

Your customer payment information is your data. You have a right to this data. However, legally, processors must only provide this information to other PCI-compliant vaulted processors. They cannot send you a spreadsheet or email with these details for security reasons.

Generally, payment providers are willing to support migrations to and from other providers. Occasionally this isn't the case though, and it can be quite difficult to migrate your data to a new service. Additionally, some may charge for this service (e.g. Blackbaud) while most others do this at no cost at all.

When communicating with your legacy provider, you may need to be rather firm in asserting your right to your data, and try multiple customer service representatives if the first isn't helpful. This isn't to say they won't be immediately helpful, but some processors are unfortunately more reluctant than others.

As a final measure, it can sometimes be helpful to involve your legal team, or let them know that is a next step should progress not be made.

If your Recurring Gifts are currently in Stripe


You're in luck! This is very simple. Please send a spreadsheet to support@fundraiseup.com with the following information, and we will activate the recurring gifts in our platform. Afterward, you'll need to stop them from processing on the platform currently running them.

Your spreadsheet should contain:

  1. Unique Donation ID or Donor  ID
  2. Donor Name
  3. Donor Email Address
  4. Gift Amount
  5. Recurring Date Of The Month (e.g. 15th) and/or Last Successful Recurring Gift Date
  6. Frequency (e.g. Monthly, Annual, etc.)
  7. Last 4 Digits Of the Credit Card (optional)

For other processors/platforms


  1. You create a spreadsheet with the information above
  2. Send this to support@fundraiseup.com for review
  3. Send an email to the legacy recurring gift processor (where they are coming from), CC support+migrations@stripe.com, and BCC support@fundraiseup.com, making the request to transfer data (email template below)
  4. Stripe and your legacy processor will work together over a few days to transfer the data
  5. Stripe notifies you that the process is complete
  6. Inform support@fundraiseup.com that this is now complete and we will then create new recurring gifts
  7. We will provide you with a date for when you should cancel/disable your recurring gifts on the legacy platform. This is VERY important to avoid double-billing. Disabling is preferred, as this would avoid sending any "Your gift has been cancelled" emails.

Email Template

Send this TO support of your legacy platform, CC support+migrations@stripe.com, and BCC support@fundraiseup.com.

Dear [Insert Legacy Company Name Here] Support,

We are making some changes to our financial systems and how we need to process recurring donations. Could you please transfer the payment details along with name and email address for all of our recurring gifts, to our STRIPE account as CUSTOMERS?

I have CC'd Stripe Support to assist with this as needed.

There is no need to cancel our account, or stop any recurring gifts at this time - simply need to have the customer details in Stripe. If it is necessary to have them only in one system, then it would need to be Stripe.

Please let me know if anything else needed.

Thank you!