Redirect to custom thank you page

If you need to redirect donors to your custom thank you page after they successfully completed donation please append successURL parameter with thank you page URL to your checkout link

Example using relative URL:

<a href="#FUNXXXXXXXX&successUrl=thankyou.html">Donate</a>

Example with absolute URL:

<a href="#FUNXXXXXXXX&">Donate</a>

We then add following parameters to the successURL:

  • donationId — unique donation id
  • amount — donation amount in XX.XX format. E.g. "10.20", "10.00"
  • currency — currency code. E.g. "USD", "EUR"
  • monthly — "true" / "false"
  • supporterFirstName  and  supporterLastName — first and last name of the donor
  • supporterEmail — supporter email
  • designationId — designation ID if designation was selected
  • designationName — designation name if designation was selected

Your final redirect URL will look like this: