Setting up your Reminder Badge

Setting your organization's donation reminder settings for your website

Often donors will start to make a donation but then leave the process. This is normal: think about how many times you may have started to make a purchase but then paused to give it more thought.

Online donations are no different. In fact, they are likely more susceptible to this. 

Luckily, you're using Fundraise Up. And since we aren't a donation page, but installed on your entire website, we're able to remind the donor of their donation and ask them (nicely) to finish.

How it works

When disabled, there is no reminder shown whatsoever on screen.

When enabled, a badge similar to the below will appear on the screen when the donor closes the donation checkout without completing it.



  • If the donor clicks Not Today, it will no longer appear for that visit
  • If the donor clicks I'm Ready, the checkout will open where they left off in the process
  • If the donor does nothing and returns to the website up to 30 days later, it will continue to appear
  • If the donor fully closes their browser, we will no longer remind them on the next visit.
  • This will appear in the lower right for desktop, or bottom of the screen on mobile devices.


You can enable and access the settings for this under Settings > Global Elements and then Reminder section.

Here, click on Settings and you can turn this on/off and adjust the color as well as add rules around URLs where this will appear.

Enable / Disable - Turn the reminder badge on or off for this campaign/checkout.

Background Color - Choose your brand color this badge should be.

Show on these URLs only - Allow you to specify which pages this would appear on. Keep in mind if you enter URLs here the badge will only show on those pages.

Never show on these URLs - Allow you to hide the reminder badge on specific pages where you may not want to distract the donor.

URL Rules:

  • You can provide up to 20 URLs, each on their own line.
  • Every URL can contain up to 160 characters.
  • URL can contain * (asterisk) to match everything.
  • All query parameters will be skipped.

Examples are:**/about/*