Customizing the Bloomerang CRM Integration

Our flexible and powerful Bloomerang Integration allows you to set and forget, or customize as needed.

Now that you've connected the Bloomerang Integration to your Bloomerang account, you have control over whether donations automatically sync, and more! This article will help you understand optimizing the Integration's options to make sure everything comes over in a way that best matches your practices in Bloomerang.

Understand what the Integration always does

Standard records and fields

The most important control on this page is the Enable Automatic Sync button at the bottom of the Integration screen:

Screen Shot 2020-12-07 at 11.04.24 AM

When Automatic Sync is Enabled, any future donations made via Fundraise Up will make records in Bloomerang. While we offer plenty of options for customization, we do always make certain records and fill in certain fields, to make sure that the standards Bloomerang expects for data are met. So, we always fill in:

  • Depending on the nature of the Donation, we make the following:
    • Donation: Any one-time Donations.
    • Recurring Donation Schedule: The Recurring plan's details.
    • Recurring Donation Payment: Each Donation installment of a Recurring plan.
  • On all three, we fill in amount, date, and created date.
  • The amount will be entered in your account's default currency.
  • When determining whether to make a new Constituent or append any donations to an existing one, we use Bloomerang's merge criteria:
    • "When merging, the database will look for a possible duplicate defined as a First Name, Last Name plus one piece of contact info (address, email, or phone). If a duplicate is found, the data passed in will be merged into an existing constituent. If no duplicate is found, a new constituent will be created."

Note: Bloomerang's fields for Informal Name, Formal Name, Envelope Name, and Recognition Name are not considered for Bloomerang's constituent matching criteria. 

  • We fill in any of the following fields provided during checkout:
    • Email Address
    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Address
    • Home Phone

Email Interest Field

The EmailInterestType field is required by Bloomerang when creating a new Constituent. 

If you have not enabled "Ask donors to subscribe to your mailing list" option in your Checkout we do not send this field to Bloomerang and relay on Bloomerang default behavior. Bloomerang sets this field to "Opted Out" by default for all new Constituents.

If you have enabled this option in your Checkout we set EmailIntestType to All if checkbox was checked and "Opted Out"  if checkbox was not checked.

Foreign Currencies

The integration supports Bloomerang accounts in foreign currencies. All transactions will be posted to Bloomerang in the currency of your Bloomerang account.

Important: The currency of your Fundraise Up account and Bloomerang account must match. But only if you like to keep your finance and accounting people happy. :)

The currency of your Fundraise Up account is determined by the base currency of your Stripe account, which we detect once your Stripe account is connected.

So, for example:

  • Fundraise Up Account: In CAD
  • Bloomerang Account: In CAD
  • Donation in CAD: Posts in CAD
  • Donation in USD (or any other currency): Posts in amount converted to CAD


Review your options in General Settings

Updated Bloomerang Settings

Sync Test Data - Check this box only if you need to run tests in Fundraise Up using Test Mode and need that information to appear in Bloomerang.

Default Bloomerang Fund - You must choose a default fund in Bloomerang that Fundraise Up will associate donations with when otherwise no other fund mapping is defined. This is usually the Unrestricted Fund.

Default Bloomerang Campaign - Option. If left blank, no campaign will be associated by default.

Default Bloomerang Appeal - Optional. If left blank, no appeal will be associated by default.

Default Comment - This powerful feature will let you store additional data that Fundraise Up collects, that Bloomerang does not. For example, Fundraise Up can send the link to the donation record page in Fundraise Up, to Bloomerang, for easy access to additional gift details in Fundraise Up. Another example may be if you'd like to send the kind of IP Geo-location of the donor, information about the Tribute, original currency, etc.  To add data to the Bloomerang donation comment, click the tag button and add your datapoints to pass to Bloomerang.

Acknowledgement - Checking this box will label the donation as "acknowledged" in Bloomerang after they receive a thank you email from Fundraise Up. 


Set additional defaults with Mapping Rules

By default, you will have one default Mapping Rule: Fundraise Up campaign name maps to Bloomerang campaign name. If a campaign of the same exact name exists in Bloomerang, the donation will be associated with this. If it doesn't exist, the Default campaign will be associated, or none.

You can add additional mapping if you like, sending Fundraise Up Campaigns, Custom Fields, Designations, or Static Values of your choosing into Bloomerang campaign or fund fields.

As of the upgrade to the Bloomerang Integration in November 2020, you can now also map Donation, Checkout Question, and Custom Fields information from Fundraise Up into Bloomerang Custom Fields in categories associated with Transactions or Constituents.

Screen Shot 2020-12-15 at 2.40.11 PM

Define your exceptions with Special Rules

If you need to do any special mapping you can do that here. For example, you'd like your Fundraise Up Giving Tuesday campaign to map to Bloomerang Special Giving Days fund. We'll automatically pull in all of the campaigns or funds available in Bloomerang so you can choose from the list.



Synchronize - Use this button to import donations from Fundraise Up into Bloomerang. You can import all donations, or choose a date range.

This is particularly useful when you have some donations manually entered in Bloomerang already, or needed to disconnect for a period of time for one reason or another.

NOTE: Fundraise Up will only sync successful transactions to your CRM. We will not send failed or pending transactions to your CRM.

Disconnect permanently - This will remove all syncing between the two platforms. In case you connect that same account again in the future, we'll remember your settings. ;)