Configuring Social Sharing for a Campaign

Every donor is connected to prospective donors. Fundraise Up gives them the chance to help their community connect with you, and you the tools to optimize your messaging.

In your checkout, you'll see a Thank You Screen section. From there, you can choose whether people get our in-checkout Thank You Screen experience, inclusive of sharing options, or whether you'd like to redirect them to another URL.

Controlling the Thank You Screen for a Campaign

Presuming you've chosen to show the in-checkout Thank You Screen, you can determine if people see sharing options by toggling on or off the ability to share to each social platform.

When any social platform is enabled, donors will see a screen similar to the following:

When all social plaforms are unchecked for sharing, the donor will see a screen similar to the following:

Share URL

This is the URL that is shared when a user chooses to share their donation.

Here, you have two options:

  • Leave this blank - When left blank, Fundraise Up will automatically share the URL of the page or website where the donor made the donation and will automatically add the campaign ID to the end of the URL so that when a user clicks the link on social media, it will take them to that URL with the donation checkout open immediately.
  • Enter your own URL - You may enter any URL here to "force share" a specific page or campaign. This is useful for specific initiatives, landing pages, events, etc. Note: If you'd like the checkout to open when the user arrive to this URL, be sure to add the campaign ID at the end (example:


You can customize the message that appears along with the social media share.

Your options are:

  • Leave this empty and let the donor choose their own message. 
  • Enter a custom message that would be displayed along with the share. This is helpful, as it allows you to communicate and reinforce your message even if the donor chooses not to provide their own message.

When left empty, it appears like this on Facebook, for example:


Here is what it would look like when entering your own message:


Enable Sharing Channels

Very straightforward option here... if you'd like to discourage donors from sharing on any of the social media platforms we support, you can disable them here:

Typically, if you don't have a specific reason, enabling all of them is best-practice.