Using Test Mode to make test donations

You can run Fundraise Up end-to-end in test mode: Checkout, Payments, Emails, etc.


Making test donations

Note: See Stripe for test credit card details

Making test donations is a great way to review your processes in public checkout and/or Virtual Terminal, as well as to see how donations will appear in your dashboard and any emails they will send!

As such, please do be aware that any emails that would have gone out to a donor for a live donation will also go out for a similar test donation, with the only difference being that the test donation emails have a message at the top explaining that the email's contents pertain to a test donation. Please ensure that any email address you enter when making a test donation is a valid inbox where someone on your internal team can receive email.

In your dashboard

Campaign's Checkout page

If you click to the Campaigns tab, click on any Campaign by name, and then click the Checkout tab, it'll bring you to its checkout settings. From there, at the bottom of the screen there's a button labeled Test Checkout, which'll allow you to run in a test donation as per the flow of that Campaign!


Virtual Terminal

If you set your Dashboard to show Test Data (by clicking the menu in the top right and toggling the test data option on), when you go to Donations and start entering a Virtual Terminal donation, it will let you know you are entering a test donation and will provide you the credit card credentials needed to enter your test donation. 

On your website

Screen Shot 2022-06-23 at 8.31.44 AM


You can test Checkout on any existing page. Just add following parameter to your page URL and then click any element or link to trigger the checkout.

This will override the global installation code live mode.



Please note that at this time, using this "fundraiseupLivemode" URL parameter is often the best way to make test donations to a P2P fundraiser.

To do so, click the fundraiser's share link, and once you are redirected to checkout:

  • click in the address bar,
  • add &fundraiseupLivemode=no to the end of the URL,
  • then refresh the page.


You can run in test mode for all Elements and Checkouts installed on single page of your website, or on entire website. To enable test-mode simply add the following line just before your installation code. Note: if added to global header, this will run the entire site in test mode.

window.fundraiseup_livemode = false;


Reviewing test data

All donations made in test mode come to your Test mode backend dashboard. In order to see only test data, click your name in the top right corner, then enable "Test data" in the dropdown menu. 

Test mode limitations

  • Currently it is not possible to test PayPal donations in test mode.
  • You won't get daily/weekly/monthly reports for charges in test mode.
  • You won't get notifications for 2nd and following recurrent charges.