UK Compatibility and Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up has some great out-of-the-box compatibility features for nonprofits based in the United Kingdom, and can be further optimized for region-specific needs. Here's how!


    Gift Aid

    Standard fields in Checkout

    UK Fundraise Up accounts have an additional set of controls, allowing for the collection of Gift Aid declarations from donors, and empowering users in those accounts to easily manage, export, and sync that information to any needed CRMs.

    The first place these additional controls appear is in the Checkout settings for each Campaign, in the left-hand menu option labeled Gift Aid. 

    If the "Enable Gift Aid" box is checked for a Campaign, donors will be shown the option to Gift Aid their donations.
    That screen will appear during their checkout:

    • after the Personal Information screen where they provide their name and email address,
    • but before the screen where their Mailing Address is collected (if that option is enabled).

    The Gift Aid screen of Checkout will not appear if the donor checked the box to donate as a business and provided a Business Name, as only donations from individuals are eligible to be claimed for Gift Aid. 

    If the donor chooses to Gift Aid their donation, their Donation will be clearly marked, collecting both their Gift Aid selection and the legal text offered at the time of their donation. That selection will be editable both from the Dashboard and from Donor Portal.

    Screen Shot 2021-08-04 at 8.41.22 AM

    Any issued PDF receipts will also be clearly marked with their Gift Aid selection as well, for your and their records.

    Those fields on the Donation will also be available in Quick Exports, Export Templates, and any CRM Integrations that support the mapping of donation information.

    Checkout Questions

    Fundraise Up also offers a section for Checkout Questions, through which you can make questions that either show up during checkout as optional or required. This has historically been a way for accommodating the need for Gift Aid in checkout prior to the release of our first-party support, as well as a way of asking additional, supplementary questions if needed.



    UK Fundraise Up accounts have an additional personal information field: Title.

    This prefix dropdown can be shown during donation checkout, fundraiser setup, and tribute card creation. Whether it is shown to donors can be controlled on a per-Campaign basis under the Supporter controls for each Campaign. 

    To accommodate some cases where downstream systems such as postal mail services require the submission of title, it is possible to make the submission of title required.

    However, title both contains demographic data and has a possible set of options is in the thousands; you will assuredly encounter donors that either do not like to provide title, are inconvenienced by providing title as it's not transaction-critical, or who do not find their option of choice listed.

    As such, on a long-term basis, we advise migrating off of systems that require title, and getting to a place where title can be left optional during checkout.


    Strong Customer Authentication (SCA)

    Fundraise Up incorporates Stripe's protections, ensuring that if a donor is paying with a card that requires 3D Secure/SCA authentication, that they are prompted appropriately for any additional info.

    For more information, see our FAQ article on SCA and 3D Secure.


    Bacs (UK Bank Direct Debit)

    Fundraise Up's implementation of Bacs allows donors to UK accounts to give directly from their UK bank accounts!

    For more information, please review our Enabling Bacs help article.

    Mailing Address

    To ensure that UK mailing addresses can be entered consistently and quickly, Fundraise Up has integrated the Loqate autocomplete service into all address fields, and uses it in any cases where mailing address Country is set to the United Kingdom. 

    In addition, whenever the address' Country field is set to the United Kingdom in public donation checkout, the Postcode field moves up to the top of the address fields to assist with speedy entry, as Postcode provides the most accurate initial autocomplete results. 

    As always, we recommend leaving mailing address optional in your Campaigns' checkout controls for best conversion; if mailing address is left optional, Fundraise Up checkout will intelligently only require it of the donor when prerequisites like "Gift Aid being declared" or "Bacs being used for payment" are met. 


    UK Server

    Fundraise Up operates on cloud-based servers. This means that while the data does reside in a server in the UK, it also resides in other places. This is the core benefit of cloud computing and servers as it creates a more elastic, robust, and dependable infrastructure.

    UK map