UK Accommodations and Fundraise Up

Fundraise Up has some out of the box accommodations for nonprofits based in the UK, and can be further optimized for region-specific needs. Here's how!

  • GiftAid
    • How we handle it currently
    • How we hope to handle it



How we handle it currently

Fundraise Up currently offers a section for Checkout Questions, through which you can make questions that either show up during checkout as optional or required.

As it stands, we recommend making a dropdown/radio button question asking whether a donor wants to mark their donation for GiftAid with Yes or No as the available options. More information about GiftAid could either be provided in the description of the question, a link out from the custom question text, as well as via a Link on each Campaign's Ask Pane. 

How we plan to handle it

GiftAid, as with other region-specific questions, will soon become available as a native checkout screen, where the process is explained and donors are asked the same Yes or No question as to whether their donation should be marked for GiftAid. If marked Yes, the donor will be able to be required to enter a Mailing Address.


 UK Server

Fundraise Up operates on cloud-based servers. This means that while the data does reside in a server in the UK, it also resides in other places. This is the core benefit of cloud computing and servers as it creates a more elastic, robust, and dependable infrastructure.

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