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Understanding Donation and Recurring Plan Statuses

In order to help you understand, filter, and export Donations and Recurring Plans, we make sure their Status field has the latest info on what condition those transactions are in.

Most Donations and Recurring Plans have very simple trajectories - online payment can often be instantaneous, so Donations are mostly just immediately marked successful, and Recurring Plans immediately shown as active. However, this story gets complicated almost immediately; people are issued refunds, transactions get flagged for fraud or need other conditions to be met to complete payment, etc. 

In Fundraise Up, the way that we make all of that intelligible for you to see, filter on, export, and run CRM syncs for Donations and Recurring Plans is by keeping the Status field constantly updated.



This glossary covers what each of the Statuses for a Donation mean:

  • Success: The Donation's transaction went through successfully.
  • Pending: The Donation requires either other activity (ex: verifying micro-deposits for ACH & confirming the desire to pay) or time (ex: the gap between when an ACH payment is sent and when it's received) to be completed. 
    • Retrying: The attempt to transact payment for this Donation failed for some reason, and another attempt to take payment again is scheduled. Only Donations associated with Recurring Plans are retried. This is a sub-status of Pending.
  • Failed: The Donation could not be completed, either because the payment method provided didn't work or because needed activity on the Donation wasn't taken. 
  • Refunded: A refund for the Donation was initiated. Depending on the payment processor, these can take between 5 and 30 business days. 
  • Disputed: Someone associated with the payment method used for the Donation contacted the provider of that payment method and claimed that the charge should be reversed.
  • Early Fraud Warning: The cardholder lodged a claim of fraud with their issuing bank but the transaction is not yet in the official chargeback state.

With any of the above Statuses that can provide more information, it will be available by clicking on the row for that Donation from within Fundraise Up so that you can see that Donation's complete record. The alert will appear near the top of the page.


Recurring Plans

This glossary covers what each of the Statuses for a Recurring Plan mean:

  • Active: There is an upcoming scheduled installment for this Recurring Plan as per its usual , which will create a Donation when it is attempted. 
    • Postponed: The next installment for this Recurring Plan was postponed beyond the usual date using the "Skip installment" controls available in the dashboard or Donor Portal. Once that payment assesses and the usual schedule is resumed, the plan will change back to the status of Active. This is a sub-status of Active.
  • Retrying: The attempt to take payment for the latest Donation of this Recurring Plan failed for some reason, and another attempt to take payment again is in progress.
  • Cancelled: The Recurring Plan was cancelled, either by the supporter via Donor Portal or by a user with the Support Specialist role or higher, and will not attempt future Donations, 
  • Failed: The Recurring Plan was marked as failed by the system and will not attempt future Donations. 
For more info on retry behavior for Donation installments of Recurring Plans and Recurring Plans themselves, please see our Managing retry behavior for Recurring Plans article.